• 25 November 2021
  • 3 replies

After putting move in system can only see a battery 100% icon.

3 replies

Hi @Joecat,


I’m sorry, I don’t completely understand what your issue is. Could you describe it in more detail, or provide a screenshot of the issue?

hi @Joecat if you see that icon in your Sonos App, the next step would be to select a source and browse the music sources (under the music note icon in the App)


Hi guys, thanks for responding. I just bought a Beam, Move and 2 Ones. I downloaded the app, got them all hooked up on a system and they all show up. Beam in Family Room, Ones in den and Move on portable. Beam is working fine with TV.

Ones are stereo paired and Move shows a request for music, so all hooked up.

How do I get the Den and Portable linked up with the Beam. Also, how do I get the music bar out of the Move icon, I don't just want music, I want to use the Move for other things, including pairing with den of family room.