Large Apple Music Playlist Shuffle

  • 4 October 2018
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I've been a Sonos owner for several years and pretty happy up to now. I've also been using Apple Music for a while but just recently decided to take the plunge and use iCloud with Apple Music, stop buying music and just stream. So now I am relying on iCloud and not a "Music Library" stored on a computer. One thing I have noticed is that for large playlists (I have one I play often that is 5000+ songs) it takes a long time for the Sonos app. to recognize and start playing it (like 5 minutes or more) and errors out several times before I can get it to work. Smaller playlists do not have this problem. If I play the playlist through my phone (using iCloud not files local on the phone) just to play on my phone not Sonos it plays immediately. I really would like to see this issue fixed/improved. I don't understand technically what it's actually doing that takes so long but it's really frustrating and annoying. PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS, it's so awful.

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