Is my room too small for Arc?

  • 14 September 2020
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Thinking of getting the full ARC 5.1.2 system however my movie room is only 9m square (3m x 3m). I've seen some reviews saying that your room needs to be at least 16m square to benefit from the sound as the system would be too overpowering for any rooms smaller than this....... thoughts? Anyone have the full set up in a small room like mine?

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Hi @Gdidy, thanks for reaching out. About your question if the Sonos Arc would overpowering your room given the room size. I tried to look up in our end and our resources but I only see the recommended Arc placement. but not the recommended room size for it, I would suggest that we can wait for suggestions and feedback from other Sonos community users who may have the same room dimension as yours about their experience with the Sonos Arc. another suggestion would be having the Sonos Arc volume to a point where it will not be overpowering your entire room. For further reference on this question, you may check this thread link for more insights about your concern.

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