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  • 11 October 2018
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I am looking for a way to play music downloaded from BBC Iplayer radio through Sonos.

I can play this directly from Iplayer on my phone (Android) or laptop but not through Sonos, as far as I can work out.

I do not have Google Play music as I subscribe to Spotify and do not need another similar service.

I can download the Radio 3 programme from Iplayer to my phone but Sonos does not recognize it as a music file (due perhaps to I.P. issues governing its accessibility) so cannot play using ‘On this Mobile Device’.

I could probably use the line in facility on the zone players that i have, but these are already used for other devices and in any case are inconveniently placed for this purpose making changing cables over difficult as I had never envisaged needing to do that.

I can play iPlayer (direct and not downloaded) from Iplayer from the TV using my Playbar but cannot link to that from any other device; they cannot see the Playbar. This is odd, to my mind, as all other devices/rooms can see each other and the Playbar can see the other devices/rooms but the converse does not apply.

Is there an obvious answer to this that I have missed, or even a complex one, or is it something that I will have to live with by faffing around with the line in facility.

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9 replies

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A chromecast audio dongle to line in would be your best bet.

If your TV has iplayer then the TV (playbar) has to be playing that - then you can group in other rooms. You can't pull in TV sound to other speakers without the playbar being active and playing the TV signal (which is different from zoneplayer line in that is independent of the unit and can be accessed by any device).
Thanks for the reply
I was aware that I can group the TV with other rooms (and I do this sometimes late at night with the Playbar volume at 0 and a ZP90 connected to headphones) , but that means that no-one can use the TV while listen to the Iplayer - not always popular!
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yea - you could always get some kind of audio switch if you need to have multiple things hooked to your zoneplayer line in.

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You don't have to use the video in/out can be used just as an audio switch
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Then this is the chromecast dongle to hook to the input

On the face of it that looks like a good idea and I will look into it. I may have to use the RCA connectors which it seems to support but that is not beyond the wit of man, or even me. I will also have to see if the BBC I Player radio supports the casting though. I will also look into BBC Sounds which is superseding the Iplayer Radio, I understand, but that is something of a closed book to me at the moment.

Many thanks
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But with chromecast it won’t matter if supports casting as you can stream whatever audio your phone is olayjng to chromecast.

Thanks again. I had not realised that.
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Yes with Android you can stream it’s output to chromecast (with the adapter hooked to an I put). Just like with iOS you can stream via airplay (native in Sonos now in newer speakers).