iPhone X problems

  • 1 September 2018
  • 4 replies

Does anyone else have issues with drop outs only when using iPhone X and music stored on the phone? I literally can’t get through a single song without it dropping out.

However, if I use my IPad Air2, with the music stored on that there is no problem at all.

It can’t therefore be my network - (I also have a boost) it has to be the iPhone X???

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4 replies

That’s really odd, they both should be having the issue, as has been noted by a Sonos in multiple threads, where they’ve said they are working on an issue when playing from an iOS device and the screen locks.
Same for me. It happens when I play music stored on my phone but not when using Apple Music. Never happened on my old iPhone 6, and the wifi settings haven’t changed.
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Inwould submit a diagnostic and post here
Sonos has repeatedly denied they are the problem when playing from local library on iOS (iPhone). There are numerous complaints about this all over the Internet, and ever other Sonos user says the same thing....my songs just randomly stop playing mid-way through for no reason at all when playing from my iphone. Support will tell you your wifi connection drops a packet and that causes the song to stop. If that's Sonos response, remember they do everything over the wifi and they can figure it out. Spool it or whatever needs to be done but don't screw over your loyal customer base and censor complaints. I love Sonos and I've invested a lot into the company. However, they need to address this major concern and stop playing this major problem.