Interference of Sonos S1 and New controllers

  • 22 November 2020
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I have two original Play 5s and a Bridge that are controlled by the S1 controller, and 4 Play 1s, a Play 5, and a Connect Amp that are controlled by the new app. I don’t know what happened but I open the new app and all my speakers are gone. Vanished. The new app keeps connecting to the old system and there’s no option to try to find the new equipment.  It’s making me more and more frustrated.  Is this due to an update, and what the heck do I do about it?  If it’s due to a recent temporary power outage (wind storm last week) do I need to take a million steps to set the system back up every time we lose power?  Do I need to go back to the 70s and order a Heathkit stereo system kit that I build myself and just use Sonos as paperweights?

Clearly I’m frustrated and wish that the new app wouldn’t automatically connect to the old system, since I am well aware that it can’t control it.   

9 replies

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If the problems started after your power cut it may well be network related.  The problem with a power cut is that all of your network devices boot in the order of those with the shortest boot time, instead of the correct order.  

Please power down the following devices in this order:

  • Router
  • Any wired Network devices
  • All Sonos devices
  • All other network devices.

You may also want to look at this post: Tips & Tricks - Resolving random issues impacting Sonos devices | Sonos Community

Apart from such worthy recommendations, if the S2 app keeps connecting to the S1 system then reset the controller. Restart it and tell it to connect to an existing system. It should ask for the correct system to be identified.

Thanks for the replies!  My teenage son is working on it and thinks there may be a complicating issue with 5G. Still trying to fix the problem...  

5GHz (WiFi) or 5G (cellular data)? Sounds doubtful to me...

Good point - I don’t have a clue when it comes to this stuff.  

My son was able to do a factory reset on the new Play 5 and connect that.  I misspoke earlier and we have a Port, which is also connected now. 

Rather a scorched earth approach. The S2 units didn’t need to be factory reset, the S2 app evidently needed to be reset.

Both my son and I tried to reset the app multiple times to no avail. But at least two of the six speakers are working. 

I’d lean towards the router handing out duplicate IP addresses after the power outage, as UKMedia suggested with his initial response. The key to resolve that issue is to ensure the Sonos are unplugged while you reboot the router. If you do them in sequence, they won’t pick up new IP addresses.