Integrating Arc with my existing equipment

  • 15 January 2022
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After many years of brow beating, I have sacrificed my amp and 5.1 set up, the Mrs is now much happier, but on the understanding a more discreet soundbar will be forthcoming.

I have a couple of 1’s and a 5 in other rooms, so the Arc is top of my list as a replacement.

My problem is my TV, isn’t bang up to date, so connection wise I’m at a bit of a disadvantage when bringing my other equipment into the equation. At some point, I will upgrade my TV, which should make everything much more compatible, but in the meantime, what I have is still pretty decent, as it was quite a high spec TV when first released.

So, my Panasonic TX-58A802B has only one arc hdmi that will handle 4K. (hdmi4)

Hdmi 2 is arc, hdmi 1&3 are standard, and we also have a digital out available too.

I need to connect Sky Q, a Panasonic 4K BluRay player, and a 4K Firestick.

The TV is wall mounted, so can somebody suggest the best connection route to maximise the Arc, until I upgrade my TV?

Thank you in advance.

4 replies

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I recommend getting the HDFury Arcana eARC adapter and the ROOFULL HDMI switch:

The Arcana will allow your external devices to bypass your TV’s limitations and send audio directly to the Arc so you will be able to get the highest quality audio from all of your devices.

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I have the set up that @GuitarSuperstar  has detailed and my AV receiver and 5:1 system replacement by the Arc is fantastic. :)

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I second the above comments.

I’ve only just added the HDFury Arcana to my setup this week and have no regrets. Immediately impressed with the device.

I purchased it through Keene, who are listed as a seller on the official website under Buy Local for the UK. I wasn’t sure about potential UK import duty payable if ordered directly as they get shipped from the Netherlands, and is not officially endorsed according to the HDFury Discord channel. It was delivered next day by DPD even although the free delivery was meant to be for Royal Mail 48hr Tracked.

Amazon UK didn’t have stock of the ROOFULL, suggested by GuitarSuperstar, so I’ve added the following hdmi switch which supports 4K, 60Hz, HDR10, Dolby Atmos, as confirmed by my Fire TV Cube diagnostics.

Thank you for the very detailed and helpful replies.

I’ll have to give this some further thought, as the Arcana route isn’t cheap, especially considering the cost of the Arc. I’m not convinced I want to invest this kind of money to overcome what some might say is the archilies heel of the Arc, ie only one hdmi.

I’ve already bought into Sonos as a brand, hence my question on here. Saying that, I’m no audiophile, so one might suggest when you invest the kind of money Sonos demand for the Arc, then similar products that have additional inputs in that higher end price bracket, might indeed do just as good a job?
If this is the case, I may end up with a separate (wireless) subwoofer, so that would have to pass the wifey test…

The obvious solution is just to buy a new TV now, then I can have it do what I want it to do, and have the sleek, unobtrusive look the Arc offers.

Interesting conversations ahead in my house I would say 😁

Again, thank you for the replies.