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Adding Device to Existing System

Hi, just got a Sonos play trying to connect to system. When you go to the App and add speaker I keep getting a error message. I have tried different Ipads and all come up with the same message, can an...

Beam - volume fluctuations

Just purchased the beam. I have a Samsung TV. At times, am having volume fluctuations. I just got off the phone with customer support and they think it may be the set top box (that I got from Com...

re: Sonos Playbase logistics problem

I've recently moved house which unfortunately has mean't my TV has had to be wall mounted, which has raised a problem where to position my Sonos Playbase? I love the speaker but need to switch to a pl...

Streaming music from an app

I am able to stream past shows from my StromboShow app on my phone, but can’t figure out how to send the music to my Sonos speakers. I would love to listen the Sunday show throughout the week. Any i...

Group Play Not Working

The app says all speakers are connected and playing. Usually. Sometimes one of the speakers will not stay turned on in the app -- but in any case, seldom can I get all the speakers to play at the sa...

PDF Guide to help setup CONNECT to work wireless.

I had downloaded this doc a while back, recently we had a new router installed and although settings are the same, CONNECT doesn’t work. Does anyone know where I can download this guide. It’s nowhere...

Paired speakers no longer in sync

My system has ~ ten speakers with two Play:3’s paired in bedroom. After working fine for many years they have recently started playing out of sync. I have tried to unpair and repair them. Situation im...

Having problem with my Play1: connection

I am keeping having connection issues/error 1001 for my Play1:

Sonos connect blinks white and sometimes fades in and out. Connect also disappeared from the app.

Sonos connect blinks white and sometimes fades in and out. Connect also disappeared from the app.

Hardwire 2x Play 5 to Turntable

Hi, I am thinking of purchasing 2x play 5s (to act as a stereo pair) with the sonos subwoofer and hardwire them to my Turntable. I know the typical way to connect this to the TT is line in on one pla...

Early 2018 Amazon music compatibility

I bought this play3 earlier this year with rep showing me that a Sonos rep said Amazon music will be compatible early this year for Canada. Then it was updated and said 2018. What is going on ? Could...

Watching 5.1 netflix with the BEAM, what channels are getting passed to the beam?

Hi guys, If i am watching a 5.1(netflix default audio option) show/movie through the beam ONLY - what audio channels will the beam pass? Will the rear surround channels be lost? Or does it somehow con...

Sonos connect

When I listen with my Sonos app, it doesnt matter what music or which song i listen to, it switches a song or ends it after 1minute. This problem doesnt occur when i play music through iTunes at all....

iPad and Mac don't match speakers available

My iPad only can find one of my 7 speakers. My MacbBook finds them all. Any Idea what is wrong? I really want to run my sons from the iPad.

Deezer Hi Fi.

Quality drops out...frequently Why is this?

Muffled Speaker Sound

Hi there, My one sonos speaker has suddenly started making a muffled sound making the quality almost unusable at some volumes. As there is no repair shop i'm not sure what exactly to do here. I tried...


How many connection do I need if I have 4 speakers??

Remote disabling Sonos alarm

Hi. I set an alarm on sonos in my vacation rental, but I completely forgot to turn it off. Now it will go off every day at 6am (had to wake up early to leave) at full volume! How can I turn this off?...

Using Playbar - Music from TV doesn't use Sonos One?

This is sort of hard to describe, but I have a Playbar and I use the line in from my TV into the Playbar. Sound plays fine, but it only seems to use the Play Ones in a surround sound sense. Here's an...

How to delete previous owners details?

Zoneplayer 120 & Zone Bridge. Previous owners left their Sonos system for us & I’ve tried Factory resetting both products but previous owners details keep popping up under ‘add a speaker’. FR I did -...

SiriusXM radio cuts out when streaming different channels in different Sonos zones

I have Sonos in 4 different rooms. When I stream the same XM Radio channel in multiple rooms, there is no issue. When I stream 2 different XM Radio channels to 2 different rooms, the sound cuts out i...

Not finding my preferred Network

Just changed internet provider and router. When trying to set up Wi-Fi, (plugged in Ethernet) the app only sees the network I am not using with my devices and won’t establish a connection with my pre...

Sonos One volume accidentally at 100%

I accidentally played some music at 100% volume on my pair of Sonos One speakers. The music sounded distorted and very loud. Probably because I have the bass and treble set to about 75% in the equaliz...

Play 5 will not power on

I have removed power, and re applied power. The unit still won’t turn on

Sourround not working

Just set up beam sub and two ones for sourround. No sound from the sourrounds... how do i fix this?


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