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Hello anyone. I have a player 1 and I have added it to Home Center 2 of Fibaro. I want to ask how to search the link for mp3 to create scenes in Home Center. Thank you!!!

Playbar gen 1 vs gen 2

I recently bought one of the refurbished soundbars from sonos and was under the impression it would be the newer playbar that comes in the colorful orange boxes but when it arrived it was in the older...


Hi, ive recently changed the music library on my PC, but have been unable to update it on the mobile controller, resulting in problems playing the music any tips to help overcome this difficulty appre...

Play Bar in Home Theater Media Cabinet

I'm building a new home theater in my basement with my existing playbar. Does anyone have experience putting It in a cabinet? How has it affected channel separation?

Music Library Playback from a USB Flash Drive

I have a Sonos system set up in my home with my music library stored on my PC. I have recently set up a second system at the cottage and I've been running it from my music library on my phone. The pro...

Cannot find added service

Hi - I have added the Last.FM service and can see that it is added but I cannot find out where to play it. It does not appear in the Select Music Source

Ultimate werewolf app and sonos

Can sonos collaborate with ultimate werewolf app ?

Connect Amp with Play 1

Hi all Currently we have a connect amp hooked up to in ceiling speaker system. it's a large room, and we feel the addition of another speaker would be beneficial. Might be a silly question, but...

Amazon Music is currently playing on another device

I'm getting this message intermittently. I've cleared ALL other users/devices, other than my own iPhone, from my Amazon account. But still get message. Interestingly, Sonos didn't show as a 'device...

Spotify: Free account

Now that Pandora has been turned off in Aust/NZ (Even though my Pandora account is in USA it seams it now still doesn't work while I'm in Aus through the Sonos app), I wanted to try Spotify. But it s...

Playbar has no sound and no light

Help! My Playbar quit working and there is no light on. I tried to replace the power cable, but that didn't work. The optical cable seems to be fine. Any help would be most appreciated. I've only...

Sonos playbar Vizio TV issues

Hi, I have had a sonos playbar with Subwoofer for the past month and have been having some issues. My current setup is a new Vizio P-series TV with optical digital audio output to the sonos playbar....

Music playback but no sound from CONNECT

I have a CONNECT that is wired to my stereo. Music was played from a NAS connected to my router using a BOOST setup. To increase the Sonos signal strength in my house (playback was sometimes intermitt...

ITunes Playlists - Duplicates playlists and Internal error - Invalid Atom

Issue Resolved : I reviewed my iTunes XML file, deleting an older version with slightly different name and hey presto playlists all intact again. For a while now I have had a number of my ITunes playl...

Numark iDJ Pro + Sonos Play5 Gen 1

Hi, I just bought a Sonos Play 5 (gen 1) and connected it to my numark idj pro via line in connection. It sounds great but there is a large delay between the headphones and the sonos output. I am pr...

How to automatically sync local iTunes to NAS version?

I got my Sonos system running with a NAS drive with all my music on the NAS drive. Love it! I noticed though my local Mac kept switching to local music folder if the NAS was asleep etc. So I decide...

Sonos Amp and Echo Dot

I have a Sonos Amp system that plays music throughout my house. I just bought an echo dot. Can I connect the dot to amp and have the dot run sonos? Note I do not have a sonos speaker, just the amp.

Popping noise coming from play bar occasionally

I have a Bt ultra box think it's made buy humax with optical lead plunged directly into playbar and hdmi into tv getting random popping sound occasionally 3 or 4 times over an evening when watching...

Flashing orange light on Play 1

I've had a pair of two Play 1s for a few months with no problems until now. But this morning one of my Play 1s would not connect, and will flash orange when you try to. Neither a reboot nor a factory...

Sonos / worst software developers ever

Having purchased a multi room set up. Following the instructions... the connectivity issues just never stop. 'Unable to connect' is a better name for sonos. Waste of money. Speakers drop out. Rooms dr...

BBC programme search broken?

For the last few days (using the Android app on phone, table and Windows app) same problem - searching under Podcasts & Shows for BBC Radio programmes such as "archers" has stopped working and finds n...

Sonos Connect with Bose Companion 3 series ii speakers

I am trying to set up a Sonos Connect to be the audio source for a Bose Companion 3 series ii computer speaker system. I have used RCA to 3.5mm cable to connect the Sonos Connect to the back of the B...

Balancing tracks?

Is there a way of balancing (forcing) tracks to the same volume?

Tune in radio

Good Morning, I am trying to play one of "my radio stations" (CJAD 800am) on tunedin I get an error message "unable to play radio station", but my other stations work just fine.

Play 1 Volume control

Controlling the volume on my Play 1 speakers only when paired up with a Play base and sub?


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