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Can you install two bass speakers in one system?

Surround Sound XBOX

I have a sonos beam and two sonos one, when I play from the phone surround sound works but when I play from TV or from my Xbox surround sound does not works at all. I hear a very little sound from the...

Operating manual for Sonos Connect

Can anyone tell me how to download or locate the operation manual for the SONOS Connect?

Beam with two play 5's

Hi All, Im thinking of getting a beam to replace a bose companion 3 serires 2 (two small speakers and a sub) for my 55 inch tv and use my two play 5's gen 2 as surround speakers. Im eager to see if th...

Zoneplayer S5 - Not able to set it up with the controller

Hi, I have a Sonos Zoneplayer S5 that I am trying to use after a gap of 5 years and having changed countries - UK to India. while it was working fine in UK, I have been unable to set it up using the c...

Unable to add Music Services. Authorize Button does not work.

The same scenario happens with all three of the Music Services that I've attempted to add (Amazon Music & Audible & Sound Cloud. I go to "Add Music Services", then select a service. I then click t...

TuneIn Radio removed a station

I've always used Sonos to listen to SportsRadio 94WIP and it appears TuneIn removed this station from their service. Can someone provide any assistance here? Also, why is Sonos tied to only one radi...

Setting issue

Sound-isolation v group

can i use my play 5 and 2 play ones together as a set

can i use my play 5 and 2 play ones together as a set

beam sound keeps dropping out

I have had my BEAM for 3 weeks and lately the sound keeps dropping out. Its got so bad that I am returning the Beam

Play music through a BEAM

I have a new beam and it is all connected through my TV and Alexa is working, but how do I get music to play through it, either from my existing iTunes or asking Alexa directly>

Moving speakers

I need to swap a couple speakers amongst existing rooms - how do I do that? In other words, take an existing speaker that is set up in one room, and simply switch it with another existing speaker in...

Register Your Speakers

My Sonos account says it can’t find any speakers registered to my account. It has locked up my controller on my iPhone and iPad. I only have amps, with hard wired non Sonos speakers. I was using th...

SonosOne audio interruptions Amazon music

SonosOne cuts out occasionally when playing music from Amazon Music. Does anyone else have this problem?

can I play simultaneous music stream through 3 speaker groups

Looking to play 1 music stream (likely via Tunein) through 3 current speaker groups for a party. Is this possible or is it best to un-group them all and then re-group as 1 new group for just the 1 day...

Lost all topics

Lost all topics and replies from the Sonos Community why?

One of my Play 3 plays intermittently

I've had 2 Sonos Play 3 speakers for a few years without problems. In the last month one of the two speakers has started playing intermittently. The speaker is plugged in correctly with the light show...

Play One's Separate

Hi, My Play One's which are about 3 months old have started separating on their own. They will play together, then can go quickly in and out of separation several times in the space of a single song...

Podcasts stop and skip to next midway thru

When I play a podcast it will play about halfway then proceed to the next one in the queue. Any suggestions?

connecting SUB to Play 5s

SUB connect I cant seem to connect my SUB to me play 5s when listening to music, currently my SUB is connected to my sonos 5.1 system and is working great! I want to also connect the SUB to my play 5...

system not found

My system was working fine, then it stopped, can no longer find my system with apps. Reset router, wifi, playbar (ethernet), nothing. Please help.

Play 5 with Sonos 1 Alexa

Hello, I have a Sonos Play 5 and looking to purchase the Sonos one with Alexa. Can someone confirm if they will be able to 'speak' to each other? i.e. whats playing on the 5 will play on the One alexa...

Can’t find Pandora

1308236570 Submitted diagnostic

android update to 9.0

I can't update my Android phone to 9.0 because it asks me to confirm email; when I do, it says the emails don't match. So, can't access Sonos via phone!!??

Apple music support

Hello, I bought a sonos one and before i started paying for apple music i was able to listen to my entire library. Now after a couple of month of adding music with apple music those songs won’t show u...


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