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Why do sonos apps/speakers call home so much?

The Top Blocked Domains on my LAN through my pi-hole with over 500% Hits more than next culprit. Is this the information they use to decide which features should be removed from the Desktop Apps??...

Sonos Boost

Has anyone tried a Sonos Boost to cure the problem os songs stopping, skipping os only playing a portion then moving to the next? I am a new user, I am using my iPhone 7 as my main music source to my...

Adding Play 5 to a Sonos Beam

I have a Play 5 in my living room. I use it to play music only. Its not connected to the TV, its only connected to Alexa so I can stream Spotify, Apple Music etc. I am getting a Beam installed in the...

Connecting Boost

Hi... I have 2 questions: 1. My new router has 2.4GHz and 5GHz options. With a Boost, which one do I set it up to? I presume it should be the latter but can it be connected to both? 2. Can other And...

New router

Can I buy a new router and use the old SSID and password and not have to go through the Sonos wireless setup again?

Connect Beam to Iphone

I have connected my beam with my Samsung TV. But I can´t connect my iphone to the beam. I want to play music from my phone sometimes and not use the tv all the time, Any tips ?

Sonos Beam automatically get restart / power on/off when I increase the volume of TV / Sonos beam more than 65%

I am using the SONOS Beam in India taken from USA. Its sound excellent and connected with SONY TV. Right I am using the step down converter 220 V to 110 V - 50 Watt in India to use the SONOS Beam. Pr...

Advanced Settings Removed from PC Controller

In the past when "Advanced" settings disappeared, it meant you needed to upgrade your controller app. I did, but the advanced setting still didn't appear. So I called support and I was told SONOS has...

Intermittent loss of sound

Hi. I’m having an issue when watching Netflix via the inbuilt Netflix app on my Sony Bravia tv. I’m listening using with a beam and two of the original play 1’s. Audio via TiVo box seems fine as doe...

Sonos Sale

Does anybody know if Sonos products go on sale for holidays? Black Friday is coming up next month and I’m just curious if their products ever go on sale. Today starts Columbus Day weekend too and they...

Line in tv & Amazon echo

Apologies if this has been covered many times before, I’ve had a search but can’t seem to find the answer. I’m looking at trying to plug my tv & an Amazon echo into a play 5 line in. Is it possible to...

connecting sonos to fortigate

I connected the sonos speakers to FortiWiFi 30E-3G4G-INTL. what are the settings in the forti that should be configured? thanks

Best wireless speaker sets?

Preferably the ones that don’t have just the sub wireless and the WIRES connected to the surround speakers. If not what are some good ones of those?

Windows program loss of function with latest update

I updated Sonos program to v 9.2 on Win 7 computer. Since then, have lost the ability to add speakers and to access wireless settings. I have uninstalled the app on all other devices except on one And...

Sonons One / Beam has an echo when connected to TV

i have recently purchased a Sonos Beam and a single Sons One Speaker. I have connected both Speakers, but when i group the Sonos One (i only have the one speaker) with the Beam to enjoy TV sound, the...

Can I connect a non-smart TV to Sonos One through a transmitter (or other means)?

I have a Sonos One, NON-smart TV, and a TaoTronics Bluetooth 4.2 Transmitter and Receiver. Does anyone know if I can stream the audio from my TV to the sonos one through the TaoTronics or something si...

Help with playbar, samsung, and fire tv

Trying to get my samsung ju7500 smart remote to work with both Fire tv hdmi cec function and sonoso playbar. I can get them both to work independently, but if I turn on the sonos function the hdmi cec...


Some of my iTunes playlists do not show up completely in Sonos. I've noticed that they do show up as 'Compilations' even though they are not. For example, one album i have has 4 tracks. They are all s...

After adding custom radio station, how can I listen to it?

Version 9.2 of the controller. According to the out of date documentation which I assume refers to the superior, former version of the app/dekstop controller - it says after added I can access via th...

After firmware update, Sound Bar White blinking

Green light will light for a moment and sound starts working, but then resumes blinking white. Sonos sound bar worked fine for months prior. No changes to Network or router. No other changes to Sono...

Connect Amp and Airplay 2

Is it true that the Connect:Amp is not compatible with Airplay 2? I bought this device to plug in my Totem Staff speakers but can’t get any music on. I’m using iPhoneX to stream music and Airpplay w...

Android 9.2 controller issues seeing all rooms?

Since installing my Sonos system in 2017 it has been rock solid but since the last 9.2 controller update my Android devices starts to miss various rooms:-(. I've got a variety of speakers One, Play:3...


Has the new sonos amp a headphone connection ..When not?How can i listen music and my wife watch tv ?

JRiver Media Center

Hello, I I have 2 Sonons One speakers in a stereo setup. Plays fine with Sonos app. But in JRiver Media Center they appaear as 2 different speakers. Even linking them as one zone is not a solution.

Is there a fix for Samsung NU7100 HDMI ARC lag (video/sound not syncing)?

Is there a fix for Samsung NU7100 HDMI ARC lag (video/sound not syncing)? I fixed it by using the optical cable.


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