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True Play for Iphone X

when will trueplay be available for the IPhone X. I would like to optimize my speaker setup but due to having an iPhone X I am unable to use trueplay. any idea on when the update will be available?

Old Wireless to New Wireless

I have a set of old wireless speakers in my dinette and kitchen that are 25 feet and 35 feet respectively from a 55" TV in the family room. I use these to listen to the TV so I don't blow the people i...

Sonos cutting off !!

I’ve been experiencing sound problems with my sonos surround system lately.The surround speakers ( play3) and subwoofer keep cutting out every few minutes. Anyone experiencing the same issues ? Rega...

Random scratchy noise coming from Sonos even when no music or TV is being played.

My playbar has suddenly started making a random sharp, scratchy noise about once every 30-60 minutes even when I’m not using the Sonos to play music or TV. I’ve submitted a diagnostic 8339873. What i...

iPad connection for other apps to sonos

Can I connect my iPad to sonos for other apps such as webex or VOIP phone calls?

Awful sound

I have an awful sound coming from my Line In through the Sonos app (via my TV). It was working (albeit really quietly) fine last time I used it but I've just tried switching it over today and the nois...

Sonos is playing on the app but we can't hear it any longer in the house. Why?

troubleshooting ?

Frequent Changes to Sonos Speaker Locations/Configurations

If I own a pair of play 3 speakers can I easily change their location/configuration on a frequent basis? Details: Most of the time both speakers will be in the living room in a stereo mode. But a cou...

Spotify App can't connect to my Sonos speakers

In Spotify app Connect to a device option say's "Can't Play this right now'? I've reset all the speakers, app etc.

Sonos Sub placement

Hello I was wondering to complete my 5.0 (playbar + 2x play:1) with a Sonos sub in order to have a full 5.1 system. I have some doubts about its placement. I would like to placement it behind The tabl...

Daily reboot of ZoneBridge

Had a SONOS system for over seven years now. About a year ago we would occasionally lose SONOS music and I applied all the advice from SONOS about re rebooting al the wifi kit and Broadband kit and s...

Playlists not matching

We have an iMac, MacBook, and 2 iPhone X's. I'm having several problems with playlists when using Sonos controller. When playing from Mac's we just go to "Select Music Source" and use Pandora or Appl...

Audio Interruptions and Playback Issues

Sound drops off or cuts out.Constant audio issues.

TuneIn Radio

My sonos system works fine apart from one particular Radio Station that I use frequently (Buddha Hits which is in Sydney Australia). When I select this station, it goes through the 'connecting' phase...

Switch back to TV input after listening to music through Playbar

How do I switch back to TV input after listening to music. Currently I,m having to turn the TV off and back on to resume TV input.

Recovering username / account from beta program

Hi there, I was part of the beta program until recently - username 'jakegoat' - is it possible to get that username back again please? Thanks!

Sonos recycling program

Is there a program to recycle Sonos products? It's irresponsible not to have one given the business of their products. Consider the first Sonos product I have, a Play:3, required a bridge. With a soft...

Sirius XM turns off after 15 minutes

Can't get past 15 minutes of listening to Sirius XM without it shutting off. The controller's error log says "Playback from SiriusXM was stopped because playback was started from another room or devic...

SONOS & SiriusXM Music For Business

Using SiriusXM Streaming with SONOS Wireless Speakers and the SONOS Mobile App Zones.

Sirius/XM issue

When I attempt to play a Sirius/XM channel, I get am error message - "Unable to play. Song is not encoded correctly." I believe the service is properly set up in Sonos and my firewall is configured...

Replaced Bridge with Boost... and it's Saturday

I just replaced a 7-year old Bridge with a Boost and I can't get it to connect to the Controller. I still have a controller since I rent the place on VRBO and most guests don't have a Sonos app on the...

Sonos with Google Wifi

Sorry if a similar questions has been asked previously, but here goes... Weve just recently bought a pair of Sonos Plays (with Alexa) and have them set up as a stereo pair in the back extension of ou...

sifflement playbar

Bonjour, Je viens d'acheter ce vendredi 29 Décembre une playbar. A l'utilisation, un sifflement continu altère la qualité du son. Merci par avance pour votre aide.

2 Plays:5 connected but 1 is silent

Controller # 8.2.2 #39448021 ID SONOS 111390968 My set-up: SONOS BRIDGE 2 x SONOS PLAY:5 GEN 1 SONOS SUB This display has been working for month with no trouble. Both Play 5 are connected (solid wh...

Alexa on Sonos

I am trying to set up Alexa on my Sonos Play:1 but the option to Add Amazon Alexa is not listed under Browse or under More - Voice Services... help!


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