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Sonos Upgrade

I have upgraded my Sonos system but now I cant connect any controller to the system and all the speakers flash a white LED. What do I do?

What radio will work alongside sonos speakers

From what I have read the sonos speakers have a good reputation, sorry if my questions seem daft but I am after a dab+ radio that is compatable alongside the speakers. I am looking for a radio that no...

How to play audio from my TV to both my 7.1 system and Sonos components

I'd like to be able to watch music videos on my TV which is connected to a dedicated Onkyo 7.1 Amp and also play the audio throughout the rest of my house (connect Amps). I don't want to use a Playba...

Sonos Favorites

I have some stations, and some genres that I am not using anymore as a favorite. How do I remove them from Sonos favorites?

Selecting Sonos Playbar Audio Source from Remote Control (TV sound or Music)

Is there a way to switch from Music to TV, or vice versa, using a remote control (i.e. outside the Sonos app). In our Living Room with a Vizio display and Sonos Playbar we are often listening to mu...

Updating problem error 11

Okay so we have a problem which is that when i try to update in my phone it says that a problem has occured error 11 and the names of the rooms where we have the play 5 players. I tried to restart the...

Too many files

Hi all, I have a problem with adding music from my external drive. Can you help me? External drive in my Mac have 2Tb.

Spotify my music list

From Sonos menu I can not access the Spotify radio stations I am following. Is there some way to fix this?

How do I add my music library from a mobile controller (not a PC)?

Hi, The instructions state that is IS possible to add my library from a mobile controller, but focus on doing so from a PC or MAC. My Windows PC will not allow me past the firewall (work issue) so I n...

Music internet archive

How can I get this to work with Sonos? Does Sonos have plans to add it as an app?

App Update

i am unable to update. I click on update but nothing happens. It has left me unable to control my system

How to connect play 3 to smart tv

I have a 55" Samsung smart tv and would like to know how to play my sonos play 3 as like a sound bar . Thanks!

Android controller

We got a play 1 yesterday that I set up using my iphone. Please can someone tell us how to add my wifes android phone as a controller.

Hearts of Space

I'm a Hearst of Space subscriber and have it streaming on Sonos, but I don't know how to access a fuller range of their programs. Sonos seems to have limited me to "This Weeks's Show" and "Browse Chan...

Can't add a speaker

I'm trying to add a speaker; when I go under the MANAGE tab, the links are not active. Any suggestions? I have uninstalled/reinstalled, and updated system.

Android app problem

I switched to a android phone from iphone, loaded the Sonos app, all seemed fine until the app prompted me to upload the latest version. The app states that sonos is updating their privacy terms and w...

Song/Artist Search

When searching for artist or song, it used to display in order: Apple Music, Amazon Music and Pandora. Now, Pandora is the first music service listed, resulting in me accidentally creating stations in...

Paired play:1s drop out when playing through line-in

Audio online>Laptop>Airplay>Apple Air Port>3.5mm line-in>Play:5 (gen 1)>all speakers. Currently running 2x Paired Play:1s, as well as a SUB, 3 and 5. The paired play:1s drop out intermittently, howev...

Connect Amp & 2 x Monitor Audio "Stereo" ceiling speakers (6 ohm)?

Hello all. We are having an extension which will create an L shaped open-plan kitchen/ dining room. I realise that I cannot get perfect stereo, and wondered about the compatibility (or otherwise) of 2...

Wifi Change

Hi have changed network providers, the controller app just sticks on an opening page and i can't get in to change the settings and switch over to new wifi network as per the help guide?

My sound stopped working on my tv

My tv has no sound, but music works fine. Everything was working fine until today

Play 3 Ceiling Mount

Hey all - has anyone had experience mounting a Play 3 from the ceiling, whether on a hard mount or flown from ceiling rafters? I have not found a mount that would make this possible, but I'd love to...

Playback from app outside of Sonos app

I typically listen to the news through my DIRECTV app on my iPad when getting ready in the mornings. Is there a way to stream the audio from the iPad to my Sonos?

Latest update Playlists

Since the last update I have noticed that if I add a few groups to the Queue at least one of the groups does not play. Just added 3 bands and only 2 are playing through the shuffle mode.

And after Alexa? What then for Sonos?

Just to play Devil's advocate, having followed the great Alexa debate over the past months, I wonder what could happen if at some time in the near or medium future, another similar product is introduc...


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