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Spotify - Premium for Family - Connection closes

I have a Spotify Premium for Family account. My home Sonos is connected to this account. At work I also use Spotify which I log on via facebook, but when I do this closes Sonos down for Spotify connec...

Sonos dropping Connection - Diagnostic report #6988344

Hi, I am new to the forum so I hope I have posted this correctly as I couldn't see anywhere to directly talk about a submitted diagnostic report. Anyway, the diagnostic report was submitted this m...

Sound from connect to play 3 intermittently fails

I am not sure this is the right place for my issue. I the diagnostic number 6933206. I am strungling with the new SONOS I set up. I have a Sonos Connect in a room that is connected to my existing m...

Settings: Stop Time, I want to sure my Sonos is not playing at a given time (e.g. 23:00)

New feature for the Application/App is a "Stop/End time" where we (endusers) can configure when a Sonos Player (or more players) should be set sound to OFF. Idea is that no matter how or when a Pla...

Sub noises

I'm new to sonos and subs, I have recently got a sub to go with my play bar and have noticed that when I turn on the tv or press play after it's been in standby, it makes a small pop sound just before...

music cuts out if playing from phone from local music library

If I am playing music from my phone, the sound will cut out (app still thinks it is playing) about 30 seconds after tabbing out of the app or closing it. I am not able to control the app from the drop...

Sonos, Alexa and Audible

1. Sonos removed Audible because an update caused the service to be incompatible with the Sonos system. 2. Sonos is planning for compatibility with Alexa, the Amazon VI or digital assistant or whate...

Sonos and TV

I have 4 Connects and 4 TV's. Behind each tv is an outlet with to pds-cables (RJ45) that ends in the basement where the Connects are placed. I want to get the sound from the TV through the Sonos. Can...

Cannot link sub to sonos account

I have resently bought a playbar and sub. the players installs just fine, but everytime I start a controller it says that one of my players needs to be linked to my sonos account. ( in this case the S...

OverDrive Audiobooks

OverDrive is used by public and school libraries across the country to deliver audiobooks. OverDrive provides recent and classical novels. Nonfiction books for any age and children's and juvenile li...

Why is openstack built using python and not c/c++?

As c/c++ are compiled languages wouldn't openstack be faster.

Keep having to unplug router

Have had my system two years, no issues. Now have to unplug router every time. Nothing has changed in that time.

Everything disconnected

I have a ok size play system. A playbar, sub, two play5 and 4 play1. I went to bed last night and all was working fine, I wake up this morning and all have disappeared off my sonos app except for the...

Play 3 keeps dropping off the controller

My Sonos system was working fine until Christmas. Since then on the controller my Play 3 keeps dropping off and then coming back again. I have tried moving it. Deleting it and re-adding it. Keeps...

No sound, but controller shows it's playing

No sound

error message 1002

suddenly every sonos device i own has stopped working- error message 1002. nothing has changed in my network or settings.. please help. diagnostics number 7007360

Spotify connect changes songs

Spotify keeps switching songs and jumping ad hoc back and forth in my playlist, super annoying. Only does this when connected to Sonos, never on iPhone only. Anyone else experiencing this or do I host...

Adding my Music Library from iTunes

I have a new Play:3. I am able to play music from my iPhone. I have added the Sonos app to my MacPro but am unable to add my iTunes Library to Sonos. I keep getting the messageonos was unable to a...

Can't add sub or play 3s

Hi. Using trouble adding my sub and play 3s to my playbar and as solo devices rebooted and reset still can't add. Detects the press of the connect buttons. But then fails to add. Diagnostic s: 699...

Some albums not being imported/recognized from itunes library (but present in itunes)

Some of my albums, which show up and play fine in itunes, do not appear in the sonos music library listings under artist or album. But if I navigate through the 'Folders' link they show up (but I can...

App issues with WIFI

My sonos app is "bouncing". Getting the alert that i need to assure I am connected to wifi. I am in range and my wifes app on her cell has no issues. Thoughts?

songs from my library greyed out with circle backslash symbol

Hi, there im having a problem where songs that i have imported via Itunes are either not showing up in Sonos or they are greyed out with a little circle backslash symbol. They were originally importe...

Ethernet vs wireless mac address

I live on a school campus with a secured wireless system where I have to register every device I have onto the network with their mac addresses. When connecting, it tells me I need a 12 character line...

Wi-Fi vs hard wire connection

I have a great wi-fi signal but have wondered if my Play 1 will sound better with an Ethernet connection. Running a wire won't take more a a few hours but is it worth the trouble?

Computer Upgrade

Firewall/Share Issue Windows 10


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