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Hearts of Space

I'm a Hearst of Space subscriber and have it streaming on Sonos, but I don't know how to access a fuller range of their programs. Sonos seems to have limited me to "This Weeks's Show" and "Browse Chan...

Surround Sounds Play:1 randomly drop audio for 20+ seconds

Hello, my surround sound randomly drops audio for 20+ seconds at a time when watching TV (XBOX, DIRECTV, Apple TV, etc.). This started after changing my wireless router from Apple AirPort Extreme to...

Sonos terminates after one song when instructed from Echo Dot Alexa - Cloud queue service error

Hi, I couln't find prior answers to this in the forum. I recently got an echo dot to pair with my one Sonos Play:1. I am able to use Alexa to play my stations on Sonos, but Sonos only plays one song a...

Surround Speakers Have No Sound

Since updating to the latest SONOS App my Play 1 speakers that were set up as Surround do now t put out sound. There used to be an Advanced Settings for the Room, to be able to adjust the volume but...

Podcast drop out

I mainly use my Sonos speakers for podcasts , but recently all podcasts seem to lose connection and jump an episode or goes back to the start. Not an issue with music, just podcasts, very frustrating!

Apple Music

Does anyone know how to find My Favourites Mix within Apple Music on Sonos.

Sonos One and Connect, delay in sound between the two

I just bought a Sonos One and it's in the same general space as my main stereo which has a Sonos Connect. The sound coming through the Sonos One is slightly earlier than the Connect, creating an annoy...

Apple iOS 11

I really hope that Sonos will add their voice to the chorus of people who are very unhappy with the latest (and 3rd) edition of iOS 11. It is simply not acceptable for Apple to put out such poorly e...

Spotify gone

I moved from Netherlands to Thailand. Had Spotify Premium working okay on iMac and iPhone, also inside Sonos, where I preferred to use Spotify. Sonos controller got updated, and now the Spotify is gon...

Dropped Zones

Just tried adding new SONOS One and all zones were dropped! I have had SONOS for 10 years. Help advice what to do next, thanks!

You need to update your Apple Music membership!

I get this message in th3 Sonos app but my membership is fine. I can play music fine directly from the Apple music app.

Sonos One Voice Settings?

Is there a setting to change whether music is completely muted when my Sonos detects a voice command? I feel like I recall, when I was running the voice beta through my echo dot, whenever I was playin...

Stingray keeps losing connection

I can't listen to Stingray music on my Sonos system anymore. It plays one song and then says "Unable to Play 'song name' - the connection to Stingray Music was lost". It used to work fine - this err...

SONOS Play1 not working with Playbar after software update

Hi, After the most recent Sonos software update (8.1), my home cinema sound stopped working: The Playbar which is connected to the TV works just fine, but when I group it together with a Sonos Play-1...

Calling ALL Google Wifi Users - Please Advise

Hi, I am doing a new home construction and would like to be a Sonos product user. After reading up on Sonos product, I am still a bit confused. Here is my setup I plan on. As you may or may not know,...

iTunes Library and Alexa

Why is it not possible to play music from my iTunes library using the Alexa voice command? Limiting this functionality to only a few streaming services is a big disappointment, especially as I have q...

YouTube Music streaming

Is there a way to stream music from YouTube thru Sonos?

Sound levels not consistent playing Apple Music

I have several Sonos speakers and recently switched all my music over to Apple Music. I had a party the other day and noticed I was constantly having to adjust the sound volume of the music being play...

K-Love Radio Station on Radio by TuneIn keeps cutting out/buffering

I have a client that purchased a Sonos system so she could stream 94.1 K-Love on Radio by TuneIn and it keeps buffering and cutting out. I have had Sonos check the system and settings of the router/n...

Hardwiring the surround configuration: PlayBar + SUB + 2 x Play1

We are remodeling the TV room, I could easily run Ethernet cables inside the wall. I could hardwire all the components in the surround configuration. Is it worth it? Will the performance be better? Th...

Soundbar Volume Control

I have just installed a soundbar and I'm having problems using a Samsung remote, Sonos doesn't seem to pick up the signal when I press volume buttons on the Samsung remote. Has anyone else had this p...

Playbar alarm and tv volume issue

As everyone else is complaining about new Sonos version because it broke some features, so am I. Before version 8, I had my alarm set everyday in my bedroom (playbar and sub). When my wife or I would...

Sonos One works, Older Play:1 speakers do not

I just hooked up the new Sonos One speaker with Alexa. Sonos One speaker plays music, responds to voice commands--great. Problem is all my other Play:1 and Play:3 speakers do not play any music. I...


Just did an update 2 weeks ago! Now another and each time i have to add all of my music services and log back in. So inconvenient! Why?

Alexa with iTunes Library

It appears that Alexa won't let you stream from an iTunes library (on a NAS drive) - it will if you pay to upload the library to a cloud.Seems a fundamental failing to me. Have I misunderstood? If not...


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