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Night Sounds for living room music

Will SONOS incorporate night sounds for the living room sound bar and sub? That would be a nice touch without so much base and also without going into setting.

Settings keep changing

I have 3 play 1's a "one" a playbar and a play 5

Volume and Lip Sync issues

So i got a Sonos SoundBase which is great. i added 2 x play 1s and no surprise, it sounds twice as good, however, my first issue was noticing that music (streaming or music library) was significantly...

Iphone X - Truplay Support

Is there a timeline for when Truplay will be supported on the Iphone X? I did a system reset and I'm unable to tune my speakers now.


Why does the sound on my Play 5 keep dropping out? I purchased a Playbar to send my TV sound over to my Play 5. This has not been a good experience, since the sound keeps dropping out on the Play 5.

System Setup Confusion

I've read to many forums and have myself confused!

Reconnect after update

Every time I am forced to update my Sonos system I am forced to unplug and reconnect all my rooms. This includes all the speakers: playbar, sub, 2 play 1 surrounds, patio play 1, garage play 1. It’s...

Alexa wont find radio station on Tune In

After purchasing and setting up a Sonos One I searched in Tune-In for my favourite radio station "American Fifties Radio" after adding it as a favourite I could say Alexa "Play American Fifties Radio...

Sonos Play1

New to Sonos here. Can I create or access my music in Folders? All of my albums and tracks are set in Folders but Sonos app only shows albums, artists, tracks etc. Not much use to me set out this way....

Output level from the Sonos connect

Dear Community I'd like to play my music through my Denon AVR 2313 via Sonos connect. But I have to play with the volume level set at 70-80% - to be able to hear the music - can that be right? Kind...

How to Set up Samsung QLED Q7 Remote with Sonos Play bar?

Hello, I have Samsung QLED TV with smart remote control. Does any body knows how to set up TV remote control with Sonos Play bar? Thank you Babak

Having the ability to play whatever is playing on my iPhone

Like you can from your TV

"Popping" Sounds from Soundbar

When installing Sonos system, installers paired a sound bar to existing overhead speakers for surround sound effect. I'm getting a "popping" sound periodically from the soundbar. All cables are secur...

Mobile App. Balance, bass, treble

Each time I go into my mobile app (Samsung S8+) I find it very difficult to find controls for Balance, bass, treble etc. Does anyone else have this problem?

Is there play test software/app for grading vinyl LPs?

I am listening to all my old LPs prior to selling them. I have made notes of scratches, defects, and pops, but it should not be too difficult to build an app that would identify the album using Gracen...


Australian Users

Streaming computer audio

I love my Play 1, but it could be even better if it would stream from my laptop. Is sonos working on this?

Resort Connecting

We are at a resort for extended time. We have no access to the modem to set up Sonos speakers. Is there a way


Is it only me or is Sonos becoming more complicated to operate with an iPhone?

connect a device directly to speaker

I considered buying multiple speaker. Since I wasn't able to connect a device directly to the speaker I only bought one. Will I ever be able to connect a device directly to the speaker via a cord ?

Apple podcasts?

Will we be able to play Apple podcasts on Sonos?


Play Hoopla thru Sonos?

Songs skip

Hi. When we play songs using the sonos app on my ipad the songs will sometimes skip to the next song before it ends. Thia could be due to the wifi or just the app. The ipad was updated yesterday and t...

Sonos on a sailboat

I am in the process of purchasing a boat that has a WiFi Module that allows all of the electronics to work on my iPhone & iPad. Am I going to be able to use a Sonos system with this WiFi module when I...

Sirius app

Would be great if I could access the Sirius app on my phone and listen on the Sonos speaker


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