iMac Notification Center

  • 11 November 2018
  • 9 replies

I accidentally deleted the Sonos Notification widget on my iMac, System Preference/Notifications.

Now I need to know how to get it back, i did do a uninstall and reinstall of the Sonos software and it still doesn't show up in the Notification Menu list

Hope someone can help me out.

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9 replies

Just enable it within the Notification Center again.
I accidentally press the Delete button over the icon, so its l no longer there, need to know how to get it back
You sure that you haven't just disabled notifications by clicking on 'None'? Select 'Banners' or 'Alerts' and the icon should re-appear. Further, check if "Show Notifications" is turned on in the Sonos Controller under 'Advanced Settings'.
Where do I find the Advanced Settings?
You'll need a mobile device. Sonos app --> Navigation tab --> More --> Settings --> Advanced Settings.
Oh, I'm woking with a iMac not a mobile device. Do you have a Sonos icon in the Notification app on your iMac?
I don't own a Mac. But the Sonos icon shows up in the Notification Center on my iPad. But you'll find it within the iOS settings --> Notifications. ('Navigation tab --> More --> Settings --> Advanced Settings' is Android only. Apologies, my bad!).

Just to make sure, we are taking of the icon/settings below.
after the reinstall and some time the icon appeared, thanks for your help
That's good news. Thanks for the feedback. 🙂