i have a 5.1 but i wanna get my sonos one and sub together

  • 7 August 2019
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So I had my two sonos one 2nd gen first as a stereo connected and just bought my Playbar and sub and when I got all connected, it deleted my stereo room . I’m trying to figure out how I can connect my two sonos one and sub together as another room but in the same living room, am I able to do it and how? Please help

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If you’ve set them as as the rear surrounds in the 5.1 system, that’s why they’ve “disappeared”.

In settings, room settings, “living room”, advanced audio, surrounds set the music playback to full instead of ambient.

Then the rear surrounds act as full speakers for music source, as well as the playbar.
Is there anyway I can separate the rears and sub by themselves ? And how should I go about it, new to all of this thanks
Remove Surrounds

Remove Sub

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But in doing so, you turn your 5.1 system into 3.0.
I guess my questions is not clear but thanks for the responses. I’m trying to have in the same room a zone with my two play ones and a sub and a zone as 5.1 all In the same room but in different zones. Am i able to do that or they all stay bond In one zone?
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Unless you un-bond them, they stay as the set of 5.1 speakers.

As I said earlier, you can get the Ones playing in different volumes for TV and Music: if you go to Settings, Room Settings, “living room”, Advanced Audio. In Surrounds set the music playback to full instead of ambient, and if you wish more music to come from them, adjust the slider controlling Music Level for Music Playback.
Alright I get it, new to all of this so I know it’s easy but at the same time it’s conplicated lol