How to connect conventional speakers wirelessly to a Marantz via Sonos amp and connect?

  • 15 July 2019
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We've recently moved to the US, where, as you can imagine, our European AVR is not working. We've decided to buy Marantz 5013 and connect conventional rear speakers (B&W 6xxx) to it without wires.

In one of the shops, the staff member told me that I can do that by buying Sonos Connect and Sonos Amp, which I did. According to that gentleman, the rear speakers would by plugging Connect to the Marantz (surround output), while wirelessly connecting both Sonos' -> Connect with Amp and plug the conventional speakers into Sonos Amp. I've now spent 3h trying to figure it out, all in vein.

Do you guys know whether it is even possible? I hope it is, as I don't think I will be able to return both Sonos' once unpacked.

Additionally, any recommendation for a step up/down power converter to power a subwoofer, which needs 700W?

Please, please help me out with it! And if possible please provide a simple explanation as you probably can imagine I have no clue on the topic:) Thank you very much!

2 replies

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What you are trying to do doesn't sound like something Sonos is really suited for. Sonos is primarily a whole home music system, mono to 5.1 depending on your hardware.

Trying to feed your Connect from the Tape Out jacks of your AVR will work quite well and get 2 channels of sound into the Sonos network. Grouping an Amp with it will give you two speaker level outputs. Now the however, however Sonos introduces a good bit of latency into the audio stream passing through it which will throw the speakers hooked to the Amp out of sync with the speakers tied directly to the AVR.

The Sonos Amp will tie to your TV directly and give you left and right front channels as well as a synthesized center channel. Using the 5GHz low latency surround connection the Amp can also connect to a pair of other Sonos speakers to give you your rear channels. I think you can also use a second Amp to power your rear channels but I'm not sure just how that works.

I'd hope that your dealer would accept a return of the system, if not discuss it with Sonos support, see the contact page for options. These user to user forums are iffy for that kind of thing.
Hi Stanley_4,
It actually worked:) This is how the set up looks like:
  1. Connect plugged to Marantz Preout Rear by Tape RCA cable
  2. Connect lined-in to Marantz
  3. Connect grouped with Amp
  4. Rear speakers connected to amp
Now I am trying to figure out how to level out the volume level but at least I don't have to run 20m of cables:)

The last thing to do is to identify the step up/down converter to power the sub-woofer.