How should I configure my Speakers?

  • 31 July 2020
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Hi, I am new in world of Sonos, but so far I love my Sonos speakers. my living room is average size, mount 82” TV on the wall and my Sonos Arc mount under it. Have a new Sub, Two Sonos One, Two Sonos Five (Just Purchased, still in Box) and a Move. Right now I have my Arc and Sub work together as well as my One’s as Surrounds. So real question is, should I add Two Sonos Five to them or Add them as separate Room so I can adjust them separately. I want to have a good experience with watching Movies as well as listening to Music. Should I Setup Fives just for Music with my sub and use Arc and One’s for Home theater? I will appreciate any advice or comment. Thanks 

6 replies

I’ve got a pair of PLAY:5s set up in my living room for just music, and the Arc, Sub, and a pair of PLAY1s as surrounds for the whole ‘movie’ experience. 

Thats exactly what I have, but my question is Is there anyway you share the Sub, with both system the way you installed them? Thanks 

No, the Sub can only be bonded with one room at a time. You could go through the process of unbonding and rebonding  every time, Which also deletes any TruePlay you may have done, but you’ll find that process to be a bit much to do properly every time. It’s been a long requested feature in these forums, since the Sub was originally released. There’s been no indication that Sonos intends to make it happen. Bit then again, since Sonos doesn’t tell us anything before it’s released, for all practical purposes, it’s possible, albeit unlikely, to be in the next software update. I wouldn’t recommend holding your breath. 

Thanks for the response, I really appreciated it. I have one more question and that is about Surrounds, if I set up my ARC and Sonos One’s separately, I mean set up my One’s not as Surround, will I get the same result as they are set as Surrounds? I want to see is I can add me One’s to my Five’s every time I want just by clicking on them on the App? Thanks again and good luck. 

Not sure what you mean by ‘same result’. If you set up the Ones as a separate room, you could group then with the Arc, but there would be a minimum of 75ms between the two rooms for TV playback, but they’d be in sync for music. But the Ones wold also not be getting surround information, either, but a stereo representation of the front three channels. 
In general, when grouping all the rooms for music, I’d recommend setting the surround to ‘full’ rather than ‘ambient’ in the surround settings for the TV’s room, that way they’ll act as full stereo speakers for music playback, but surround speakers for TV playback. 

Thanks, I think I need to experience it myself to see if it is a big different when You said I don't get any Surround info. I need to hear to see if is really bad or not. But thank you, your comments was very helpful, I just want to find a way to get maximum result without keep buying more speakers.