How do I connect my 5 to my tv and use it for tv volume rather than the tv itself

Details of how it’s done please and if I need a certain splitter or whatever cause I’m missing something it’s not this difficult surely

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If you TV has an analog output it can be hooked to the TV - but many TV's these days don't have analog out (What TV do you have?)

If your TV doesn't have analog out you can hook the Play:5 direct to your cable/satellite box which will have analog out most likely.

If you have multiple devices going to TV and you want analog out from all of them (and TV doesn't have it) you can use an HDMI switch with analog out such as
There is a Panasonic tv in the dining room and on the back it’s got a few options it’s easier if I send a photo
For a PLAY:5, you'd use the left 2 of those RCA jacks, the red and white ones. At the other end of the cable, you'd have a headphone style jack that fits into the connection on the PLAY:5.

Then you'd follow the information in the FAQ:
And then you'll be dealing with the 75ms delay minimum which is part of any analog line-in into the Sonos ecosystem. It may affect your perception of lip sync, it might not.


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