Echo in Stereo paired Play:5s

  • 13 August 2019
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My stereo paired Play 5s (supplemented by a Sub) have synced perfectly for years but in recent weeks have begun to "echo" with one speaker notably after the other by about 0.5 second. I de-linked them and re-paired them after updating to the latest Sonos software, which seemed to help, but after one day they were echoing again. Neither speaker (nor the sub) is connected to ethernet. I do have a Google Mesh WiFi set up, with this pair placed roughly between two units. Could that be the cause?

2 replies

It’s apparently possible, as I saw another post about the situation, by Jeff, a Sonos employee. He suggested that the other user make sure that each access point was using the same channel, apparently they need that to “talk” to each other properly. You could, I suppose, test by just removing one of the Access Points temporarily, to force both speakers to connect to the same one.
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I got tired of trying to keep my WiFi and Sonos happy with each other, went to a wired connection. first to a single Boost and that ended the requirements Sonos imposed on my WiFi setup and over time I've wired several other Sonos devices.

One of the Sonos restrictions (I think I saw) on mesh WiFi was that all APs need to be on the same channel, not what most folks want. Not getting any results from the support search tonight but I thought there was something there on this.