Ease of Changing Sonos Speaker Configs Multiple Times Per Day

I own (2) play 3's. I would like to buy two more 3's 'if' it is easy to flip their configurations. Config 1: same music playing on all 4 spkrs in 2 rooms fully synchronized sound. Config 2: One room plays say Jazz. Second room plays say Classical. Is it pretty quick and painless to use the Sonos app. to switch from config1 to config 2 and back? I might want to do it as often as three times per day.

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Yes. Grouping rooms is dynamic and instantaneous, unlike stereo pairs or bonding speakers together as 5.1 or with a Sub. In the case above, you would bring up the Rooms tab, Tap Group on Room 1, check Room 2 to group it with Room 1 (Room one will already be checked), and tap Done. To ungroup, do the same and uncheck the room(s) you don't want grouped, and tap Done. Then choose the music on each room individually.
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very simple and easy


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