Does Sonos work in Myanmar (Burma)?

I just moved from the US to Myanmar (Burma) with several Sonos products, and I can’t connect any of them. I thought I might need to change the country in my profile, and Myanmar is not an option. Am I out of luck? 


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“Country” might help to select the language used by the controllers and the online music services that are viable, but it will not cause “can’t connect”. What is your former country? What music services do you use, if any?

By the way, refrain from Factory Reset without further consult.

Wire one of your units to the router and try again.

Hey, thanks for the reply. I moved from the U.S. and use Pandora, Amazon and Spotify. I've tried connecting over wifi and with ethernet connection. Still can't connect. I thought it might be an issue with the IP which is why I wanted to change the country the speakers are registered in. But, my country isn't listed in the drop down menu. 

Not being able to connect to the SONOS system and regional connection problems with online services are different issues. “Country” will not be an issue for the local connection to the SONOS system.

Likely you have an issue between the router-controller-SONOS. I assume that you are using a phone/pad as the controller. Check to make sure that your phone/pad can access devices on the local network. Some router setups, such as “Guest” mode, will not allow the phone/pad to access local devices, but Internet access is allowed.

A scanner App, such as FING can be handy to help diagnose this sort of issue.

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Firstly try hard-wiring one of them to the router and get that working.

Not sure which WiFi frequencies are legit in Myanmar.

US sanctions against Myanmar are against specific people, so this shouldn’t be the problem that users in eg Cuba have.