Disappearing Friends and Family Discount message

  • 10 August 2019
  • 2 replies

So, in the Sonos app on my mobile phone, I noticed a 15% discount offer in my inbox. It was valid through today. So this afternoon, after browsing the Sonos website, I decided to buy a Sonos Amp, but when I opened the inbox in my app on my mobile phone, the message was there but immediately disappeared before I could open it. Why would that happen? I checked it last night to make sure that I still had time, and it stated good through August 10 (today). Imagine my disappointment. I guess I won't be buying an Amp today. Have others had this issue as well?


2 replies

I had the same issue. The code email is gone!! So disappointed. Will they honour it if one calls on Monday?
I had the same thing happen to me. Got the message a few days ago but didn’t have time to move forward but now today, the message is gone from my inbox. So bummed! Want to get a pair of outdoor speakers. 😢