connecting Sonos amp and sonos connect with pioneer reciever

  • 25 June 2019
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So I have a pioneer elite receiver. I also have a Sonos connect and a Sonos amp. My receiver has 4 speakers connected to it. I connected the Sonos connect to my receiver with a coaxial. I also linked my Sonos connect to my Sonos amp and created a group. My Sonos amp had two speakers connected to it. I am trying to get all 6 speakers to play at the same time but can’t seem to figure out how to configure my receiver/ Sonos to do this. Is it possible? Thanks for the help once advance.

3 replies

I think the key thing here is that you want to start playback from whatever source you want on the CONNECT. You'd then, on the receiver, choose whichever input the CONNECT is connected to, so that the music from the CONNECT is playing on the speakers connected to your receiver. At that point, you would just group the two rooms in the Sonos controller, starting with the room of the CONNECT, and adding the room that is the Sonos Amp.

At that point, all 6 speakers would likely be playing (unless there's something odd going on with your Pioneer) in sync.

Is there some possibility that you have the four speakers connected to your receiver set up as zone a and zone b? I've seen elsewhere that some receivers won't play a digital input (such as you're currently using to connect the CONNECT to your receiver) in zone b. If this is the case, try connecting your CONNECT to the receiver with a set of standard RCA jacks, probably to a tape input, and see if that resolves the issue.

It might help us if you were to give us more information, particularly which speakers aren't playing. I've give a general answer, based on what you've provided, and what I've assumed, but if I'm wrong, then more details might be helpful.
So two speakers are connected to the 5.1 ch and two speakers are connected to the Bi Amp/zone 2. Sonos hooked with coaxial. i can’t seem to get the two connected to the Bi Amp to work. My receiver has a zone 3 so I’m not sure if that could help?
Check the manual for your receiver. Some receivers don't allow digital signals to be sent to anything other than Zone 1.

As I said above.

I'd rather not retype the same thing I said above, honestly.