Connecting B&O Beocentre 2002

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Hi there all,

I'm an avid SONOS user, but don't have the greatest tech skills on the planet.

Furthermore, I'm trying to help my in laws with their SONOS set up. They're loving it, but now I'mm trying to help them to connect their B&O Beocentre 2002 (early 1980s) to their SONOS system via CONNECT.

Does anyone have any advice on how to do this?

Thanks in advance!

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You will need a stereo DIN to RCA adapter. The CONNECT will be an AUX device for the B&O. Note that you will have interacting Volume controls. If you want to use CONNECT's Volume control, you must preset the B&O's Volume to a convenient level. If you want to exclusively use the B&O's Volume control, you can set the CONNECT's output to "Fixed".
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does the B&O Beocentre 2002 have any headphone jacks if so you need a 3.5mm to 2-Male RCA Adapter Cable i think
Thanks @buzz and @Dom1da - I should have mentioned that I am keen to allow them to still use their existing speakers (which are actually still in really good condition) and also use the SONOS speakers to fill the house... Do you suggestions allow for the existing speakers to run as well as send a signal to the rest of the network? Thanks all!
I don't recommend trying to use the 2002's headphone jack output as an input to CONNECT. What functions of the 2002 do they use? I'm surprised if the Cassette Deck and Turntable are still functional. Perhaps it is time to retire the 2002 and use a SONOS CONNECT:AMP with their speakers.


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