Connect to Sonos App opens for only a second before closing.

  • 23 February 2019
  • 7 replies

When i try to open the newly installed "connect to sonos" app on my macbook pro (most recent version), it shows up for about a second and then disappears. Not usable. Tried uninstalling and installing again, same thing. Error message saying to try again, but continuing to open for about a second and disappearing. Anyone know what I can do about this? Here is the error message:

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7 replies

What's the Connect for Sonos app? Where did you download this from?
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Doesn't appear to be an official Sonos app based on the Identifier in the screenshot (which refers to an unregistered domain name).
What's the Connect for Sonos app? Where did you download this from?
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Nothing to do with this community at all.
The official Sonos Controller for Mac can be found here.
Thanks for the link, ratty. Doing a "search" for it on my iPhone didn't turn it up, but your link did.
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Wow that app uses the Sonos trademark and logo, including in the app name itself. Sonos should get Apple to at least get it renamed to avoid confusion and add a disclaimer to the description.
Pretty sketchy, to be sure. Wouldn't want to run it on any of my devices.