Connect:Amp powering Polk front L and R speakers and Polk Sub

  • 10 September 2019
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Is it possible to use the Connect:Amp to power two front Polk bookshelf speakers and a Polk sub? I’d like to use these in conjunction with my two play:1s as my surround speakers but I’m having major issues connecting everthing. (Note: I am by no means an audio expert so I’m having trouble setting this up by myself)


3 replies

Not effectively, no, for Home Theater use. The Sonos Amp is designed to overcome most of the issues, as it has an HDMI-ARC input that doesn’t exist on the CONNECT:AMP, and will allow you to use the PLY:1s as surround speakers.

The CONNECT:AMP was designed long before Sonos thought about getting into the Home Theater market.
Oh boy, I just bought it under the pretense that I could connect my 3rd party sound equipment through it. Thank you for the information. One more TV does not have an HDMI ARC input, so is there anyway to hook up my Polk speakers and sub (and keep play:1s as surrounds) to the new Sonos Amp or at this point do I need to buy a new TV?
Sonos does sell an optical to HDMI-ARC adapter that you could use to connect your TV to the Sonos Amp, assuming your TV has an optical out.

It’s important to note that the Sonos Amp will power your two front speakers, but does not support a physical center speaker. It instead creates a “phantom” center channel by sending the data to the right and left speakers. But the Sonos Amp can accept a Dolby Digital signal, which the CONNECT:AMP can not, as well as send a surround signal to the PLAY:1s, so if you can trade in the CONNECT:AMP on a Sonos Amp, you’ll be in business.

But the CONNECT:AMP is still outstanding, assuming you’re not connecting a TV, it pushes the Sonos ecosystem to a pair of speaker, and has both analog input and outputs that you can connect other equipment to.