Can't add Sonos product

  • 5 December 2019
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i currently have Sonos bridge, Sonos Play1 and Play3 speakers and using Android app on my phone to control the system.

All was working fine until recently when my both Play speakers disappeared and i can’t add product in the App as it’s all grey. 



5 replies

Try wiring your ethernet cable to one of the speakers, rather than the BRIDGE, which is known to have a power supply that can go south. If your speakers show up, you have three options:

  1. Purchase a replacement power supply. Many have mentioned that you can find replacements on Amazon, although they are not Sonos branded.
  2. Replace your BRIDGE with a BOOST, which is a much newer design, and a better operating device.
  3. Leave an Ethernet cable connected to one of your speakers, where it acts like a BOOST. 

Hi Airgetlam,

thank you for your response. I’ve just realized i have Sonos Connect not bridge. Connect is wired to modem directly and speakers are wireless. I could see the speakers in my network, just can’t add them into Sonos. It was all working fine. Could it be something with my app? App is up to date though.


So, you likely have a mobile device that doesn’t have a supported OS on it. See the supported OS FAQ. This likely means you’ll either need to update the OS on your device, update the speakers to match the Sonos app you’re running, or borrow a mobile device from a friend to add a new device. Once you’ve added it, your “old” controller should be able to play music for you.

yes, it looks like this is the problem. i am using older Android 6 phone but ver 7 is minimum now. 

thanks for your help

You’re most welcome. As I said, I’m pretty sure if you just borrow a new device to “sdd” your speakers, you should still be able to use your old device to control the music.