Beam ARC LG TV Compatibility

  • 28 August 2018
  • 3 replies

I have the Beam, and at some point will be getting a LG TV model 49UK7550PTA. On the specs sheet for the TV, it says the ARC HDMI port is "Designed to work with compatible LG Audio only". So, does that mean it will only work with LG sound bars? Does anyone have this TV and a Beam?

Thanks for your help!

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3 replies

I have a LG TV model 49UF6409, 2.5 years old. I used a LG soundbar in the past for the reasons you mentioned. I was afraid third-party soundbars will not work.

But now I threw it out, the ugly LG soundbar and installed a brand new Sonos Beam! It's connected normally at ARC HDMI. After setting up the Beam it it worked as I wanted: Turn TV on/off with remote control, audio level up/down with remote control.

I tried Alexa for controlling the TV, turning on works, but turning off not. (Aleax say OK if I remember right, but nothing happens). I have to investigate, there are some posts regarding this issue (and google sent me to this one).

If anybody has an idea, tell us please!

Yes I have LG TV too and have been investigating this issue for a while too... My TV will do all via Alexa, except she will not switch off the TV.

LG Support have told me the HDMI-ARC instruction to turn off the TV from attached HDMI-ARC devices is disabled on my model.

The explanation they gave, was the TV remote is supposed to switch off the TV and any devices connected to the HDMI-ARC port such as a DVD player, for example, or indeed a soundbar.

LG technical engineers at the time, did not want the peripherals turning off the TV, in case the user wanted to finish watching a DVD Movie and then wanted to turn off just the DVD player, with its own remote, but then carry on and watch a TV channel.

LG did say this did NOT apply to all their TV's, but it did apply in some cases. They were not specific with model numbers etc. but clearly my TV was one that does not allow the peripherals to turn the TV off..

All the other commands work just fine. The only way therefore to switch off my TV is with an infrared remote. I actually don’t use the TV remote to do this, but instead use the Harmony Hub... that therefore let’s me use the Harmony Skill via Alexa to turn off the TV with a voice command. This is just my workaround to solve the issue.

The Harmony Hub also does much more, including voice control to change TV channels, launch Netflix. Prime Video etc.
Great thanks alot for the responses. I too use a harmony hub so good news to know you can get all functions working but especially the audio over arc. Cheers!