Beam and 2 Play 1s?

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TV surround / party sounds - hi I currently have one Play 1. I am looking to buy a TV soundbar and also want some good sounds for an upcoming party. Is a Beam and additional Play 1 the way to go? I would keep the Play 1s together in one room in the future for music and the Beam in another room for the TV but bring them all together for the party. I do have a budget unfortunately.
Sorry i'm really green with all this stuff - I've been trying to do some research but would really appreciate your advice.

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Hi, Mazdap. Welcome to the community. If you're after a soundbar anyway, your suggestion sounds like a solid one. Your proposed setup would also have the benefit of doubling up as a home theatre system, if ever you do decide to get a 4th speaker somewhere down the line. You'd then move your two PLAY:1 speakers into the same room as the soundbar and be able to get better sound for film viewing.

As far as a Soundbar and two PLAY:1's for a party, this would be a loud setup. How large is the room? Will everyone be in that room, and that room alone? People tend to float around during parties. I would probably put the sound bar in the living room, a PLAY:1 in the hall, and a PLAY:1 in the kitchen...
Thanks so much for getting back to me Edward. And double checking you definitely do need to pair up play 1s - they don’t work alone with a beam do they?!
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Hey, no problem at all! There are a couple of options for how you'd set this up, actually. (All of the following scenarios apply to music playback)

A) As a home theatre setup, Beam + 2 x PLAY:1: They will all play at once, with Mono sound coming from each speaker:
(Mono sound from Beam, PLAY:1 in Mono + PLAY:1 in Mono)
B) The BEAM on its own, with the PLAY:1's stereo-paired with each other, but all grouped:
(Mono sound from Beam. Stereo from PLAY:1(L) and PLAY:1(R)).
C) The BEAM operating on its own, with the PLAY:1's set up as independent speakers, all grouped together.
(In practice, the same listening result as scenario "A" above).

I hope this makes the situation a bit clearer. I nearly confused myself there.
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Beg your pardon, I'm just reading your question again. Want to make sure I understand correctly. For music playback, you can just group a single PLAY:1 with the Beam. Is that what you meant?
Yes - Altho ur first answer is also very helpful 😁
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Happy to hear that. If you have any further questions, let us know!
Thanks! So can a single play 1 work with the beam or is it always pairs?
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A single PLAY:1 can work with the Beam, for grouping during music playback, most certainly. It will not for the purpose of a surround system (home theatre).
Thanks so much for all ur advice Edward youve been really helpful
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Not a problem, if you need anything else, you know where to find us. All the best!


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