• 11 September 2019
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I want to install a TV with a Playbar and sub-woofer in cabinets. There will be an acoustically transparent cover over the speakers. What will be the loss of audio quality?

1 reply

What will be the loss of audio quality?
Quite probably.

The Playbar has speakers at the ends which require a certain amount of clear space to be able to project the sound out to the sides. It also needs space above, as the front drivers are angled up at 45 degrees.

And putting a Sub in a cabinet is not a good idea either. It needs to be able to 'breathe' in order to pressure load the room. Instead you're likely to set off rattles in the cabinet construction.

If Trueplay tuning is used to try and compensate for the cabinet there might be some marginal improvement, but it really sounds like a case of form over function.