Announce Broadcast feature not working ...just echoes back to me ?

  • 9 February 2019
  • 2 replies

Hi, I have just tried to use the Announce feature i.e. Broadcast a message across my Sonos system but the message is just echoed back to the one Alexa enabled speaker (a Sono Play1) that I made the request on. Nothing is broadcast elsewhere. I have a 5 room set up with a mix of Play1s, One's and Sonos Amps. I tried grouping and un-grouping the Sonos rooms, but it makes no difference. Music plays across the system just fine, but not announcements. Where am I going wrong please ?

2 replies

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The announcement feature broadcasts to all Allexa devices, not all Sonos devices. So all of your Sonos Ones, Beams. Echos, etc. will do the announcement, but your Play 1s, and Sonos Ones will not, since they are not Alexa enabled.
Yes, you'd hope so, but I'm not getting the announcement on the Sonos Ones around the house, only on the individual Sonos One I am standing next to i.e. the one and only Sonos One that I gave the instruction to.


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