Amps dont all show up

  • 15 September 2022
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I’ve had Sonos for several years and if you have just one or two speakers it’s pretty easy years… But I have a home where I have 7 Amps wired into my homes speaker system… More often than not some or all of the amps don’t show up in the Sonos app.  Super frustrating… And then thought well I’ll just use the wireless connection to connect into my Wi-Fi… Wow… I had to find the eight digit pin number on the bottom of the amp… Really an eight digit pin number? This is my Holmes Soundsystem… Who is the geek that decided we needed an eight digit pin number… And when you flip over the amp… The numbers are so small you have to take a picture of it and blow it up just to read the numbers.  Super frustrating… This could be such a simple system that could be completely plug-and-play… But no when you get the geek Bada nerds involved they have to turn everything into a gigantic production.  


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3 replies

I don’t understand why you chose to factory reset the Amps? As they are all wired and just not showing in the Sonos App. It’s quite likely going to be an SSDP multicast device discovery issue, where the controller is simply not able to discover the devices on the wired LAN... did you try pinging the missing Amp(s) to see if they were actually still present on the network? 

Even switching the Amps over to your WiFi connection doesn’t require the device to be reset.

I agree though the 8 digit PIN is not the best idea for setup and the numbers are definitely difficult to read, especially with my old peepers.👀 Thank goodness for mobile cameras and the ability to zoom-in.

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There was a thread recently where Sonos acknowledged the PIN issue and, as I recall,  supposedly we’re addressing it for future products.  

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I recommend you get in touch with our technical support team, who have tools at their disposal that will allow them to give you advice specific to your Sonos system configuration and what it reports.