Amp with Klipsch Aw-650 pair

  • 17 June 2020
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Considering upgrading my Connect:Amp to the new Amp with AirPlay2.  Just wondering if this combo would be ok.    The new amp seems to have more power per channel than the Connect Amp.   


5 replies

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Hi @jpvonhemel 

My research shows the Klipsch Aw-650 to be 8 ohm speakers. They pose no problem that I can see. You should be good-to-go>


If the speaker is rated for 85 watts and the alp puts out 100+, can I damage them with too much volume?  Just looked at the speakers again and the spec sheet says 85 watts but 340  watts peak.   



As long as you don't play the speakers too loud for too long, this difference is too little to cause a problem. And if you play them too loud for too long, even with perfect watt matching, your speakers may burn out if they don't have some kind of protection circuitry inside them.

And specifically, if you play them at about the same sound levels as you play them now with no issues, there is no reason for the replacement amp to cause any.

I am planning of getting a pair of Klipsch RP-8000F, a pair of RP-600M , a RP-404C and a SPL-150, I would like to have them all in the Sonos ecosystem to be able to control via the app and maybe down the line add a few Sonos ones to it for the rooms. what would be the best way to go about this please? do I need to connect the speakers to a receiver then to a Sonos Amp or the speakers to a Sonos Amp directly or the speakers to Sonos connect/receivers ?

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Hi @ayoknights 

It appears you are planning on setting up a conventional wired 5.1 home theater system. Sonos could power all speakers using two Sonos Amps with the exception of the center speaker. 

To bring Sonos to the setup as you have outlined would require you to use a 3rd party AVR to wire all speakers. You could then use a Sonos Port connected to an AUX-In RCA or Optical port (on the AVR) to send audio to the front left/right speakers. An AUX-Out RCA (on the AVR) connected to the Port could be used to send audio to other Sonos from a source connected to the AVR (i.e. turntable or CD drive).

Feel free to post additional questions.