AMP connecting to TV without HDMI ARC

  • 26 June 2019
  • 2 replies

I have a Sonos Amp wired to 4 ceiling speakers. I also have a TV installed on an adjacent wall without the ability to attach an HDMI ARC to the amp.

Is there technology, or a solution to link my TV into the AMP wirelessly to create my ceiling speakers as a sound output for the TV. (im thinking HDMI ARC wireless adapter) or something similar?

Appreciate any pov's

2 replies

The Beam comes with an adapter that allows you to use the optical out from the TV. I would have thought the same adapter would work in your situation (assuming TV has optical out) although I can't promise.
Sorry - just re-read. You want a wireless solution. Wireless HDMI exists but I have no idea if it is reliable. Whether even that could be used for HDMI-ARC I don't know either. So apologies for mis-read, we'll have to see if others can help.