Amazon Music Ireland

  • 25 January 2020
  • 2 replies

Hi all, 


Amazon Music has been available in Ireland for past few years. I am getting the basic version that comes bundled with my Amazon Prime membership on my account.


However being based in Ireland I am not seeing the option in the Sonos controller to add the Amazon Music service. Am I missing something?





2 replies

Log in to your Sonos account at and check to ensure that your country is specified. Sonos uses this as a pre-filter to determine which services are shown to you. Less obvious is the fact that a service won’t show up if, at the moment you open that page, the service’s server is down. It’s always worth waiting 10 minutes and trying again.

I had my country set to Ireland and it wasn’t working. As Amazon is on my uk Amazon account I moved country to UK and it worked.

Thanks for the advice!