Alexa not confirming/repeating timer command

  • 13 October 2019
  • 2 replies

When asking 'Alexa, set 10 minute timer' on my Sonos Ones (I have two in the room to play stereo, microphone is only switched on on one of them) 9 times out of ten she doesn't repeat the command, or respond with any sound at all.

This means I then have to ask 'Alexa, how long left on timer?' to make sure the timer has actually been set.

I have had my Sonos One's for a year or two now and never had this problem before until a month or so ago, previously Alexa would ALWAYS confirm 'timer set for 10 minutes'.

Any suggestions on how to fix this please?

2 replies

We also have this problem which started about 2 months ago. Timer is the main reason we use Alexa so it’s annoying. 

Note that Alexa is not Sonos software. All Sonos does is provide a microphone that connects to the cloud servers at Amazon that Alexa runs on. You may be better off contacting Amazon about this concern.