Alexa and tune in

Got a problem with Alexa and tune in!! when she has been dormant. It goes like this

My- Alexa play classic fm (or any other radio station)

Alexa - Playing Classic FM on Tunein. Sorry, that device is off line.

I can get it manually on my phone app, then she will be ok for the rest of the time until she is left dormant again (usually overnight)

On a different matter, she doesn't seem to like playing on my other speakers. ask to play on the lounge and she replies there are no speakers called the lounge, but there are!!

Can anyone please advise

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Hi there, truffle pig. Thanks for posting your query. The first step is to open the Alexa App and remove the Sonos Skill and then re-Enable. If that doesn’t work, please see this thread here. Please let us know how you get on.


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