AirPlay2 query

  • 24 June 2019
  • 2 replies

Setup my first Sonos package yesterday and love it.
Have the Playbar, sub and 2x Ones Gen2.
Have configured these in 1 room as a home theatre setup.
I went to Airplay some music to them and the speakers do not appear at all as an option.
Is this because of the setup I have configured them for?
I am thinking of buying 2 more Ones Gen 2 for another room for music only but if I cannot utilize AirPlay2 at all then I would have to rethink my plans.

2 replies

Hi. You cannot use Airplay 2 to speakers that are being used as aurrounds - that is why you can't see them. That room is essentially a Playbar, which is not Airplay compatible.

However, if you bought more Sonos Ones, not only could you Airplay to them, you could also Airplay to the Playbar, by grouping the speakers.
Same as my setup. Works well for me, I think you have to establish the airplay connection to one of the Pay ones before grouping them to a room? But I could be totally off base too ....