Airplay 2 Asking for Airplay Code

  • 27 August 2020
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My company has implemented a management profile to require AirPlay Codes when connecting via AirPlay. I’ve seen other post which recommend turning that requirement off but it’s not possible for my situation (I’m guessing others have the same requirement). My question is: why can’t the SONOS MOVE (or other SONOS devices) speak the code so we can enter it and not have this issue? Is this a development request? If not, how can we recommend it? 


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1 reply

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Hi @TimRD, Thank you for reaching out and welcome to the community. Thanks for bringing this up, and we understand where you're coming from. Regarding your concern about an onscreen code being asked: Is this a company phone that you have? If you're still getting a code request, please check again that you have 'AirPlay outgoing requests pairing password enforced' toggle setting disabled? This setting is usually part of a Device Management (MDM) profile that is added to and configured on iPhones and iPads. Again, this is accessible by going to Settings > General > Device Management > Profile Name. It's generally used on iOS devices that are part of a corporate environment.

You are disabling just that setting in the profile should allow you to use AirPlay to the Sonos player without a password prompt. But If the disable function is not available, You may visit this thread link about some suggestions and troubleshooting about this issue. 

Let us know how you get on with the advice above.

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