air play and 5.1

I currently have a play bar with two Sonos ones as surrounds with a sub.  If I changed one of the ONES for the newer airplay2 compatible Sonos ones will my system still play the current 5.1 sound for both TV and Spotify?

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All Sonos Ones are AirPlay 2 capable. However, that capability gets turned off when they are bonded as surrounds to the PLAYBAR. You could just add a new Sonos One to your system, and group it with the room that your PLAYBAR is part of, and you’d get the AirPlay 2 signal out of all your speakers in both ‘rooms’ 

One caveat, just in case you were thinking in this direction, Apple does not send a 5.1 signal to any non Apple devices, so what gets sent to to your Sonos would be a stereo signal. If you’re trying to get a 5.1 signal to your PLAYBAR, adding an Apple TV to your system, and sending the AirPlay 2 signal to that might be an option. 

Thanks Bruce, can I just check are you saying my Sonos ones are AirPlay two compatible but because I am using them as surrounds for a playbar this function is turned off?

someone told me that u changed one of the ones I could air to the system but they would all be grouped so effectively stero so I would lose 5.1. That’s what I am trying to avoid. Appreciate your feedback. 

Just read your second reply. Spot on what I needed. Thank you 

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@Robert T1974,

Welcome to the Sonos Community and thank you for reaching out with your question. 

Just to be clear, if you have Play: 1s rather than Sonos Ones, the Play: 1 speakers are not Apple Airplay 2 compatible

If you do get a new Sonos One or One SL, you will not be able to bond it in surround with a Play: 1 and bonding it in surround will remove it as an Airplay target in your system.

What you can do is get a Sonos One and configure it as it’s own room and then group this player to your surround home theater set up and this will allow you to bring Airplay to your system. 

You should be able to use Spotify with your Sonos system regardless of whether you have Airplay available or not.