Adjusting SUB-level between music and movies?

  • 15 March 2019
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Hey everybody.

If you got the sub I would like to hear your opinion. I just got the Sonos Sub, and for music it is perfect. First I would say that im not an bass-fanatic. So its not because I would like everything to shake.

My livingroom setup is a Beam + Sub.
I have runned Trueplay, and thats not the problem.

My problem is when I hear music the sub-level is perfect around 60-65% on the adjustment bar. But when im seeing an action movie, I barely notice the sub at that level. I have to push the sub-level to 80-90% on the adjustmentbar. I tryed Netflix, HBO and other streamingservices on my Apple TV 4, and I also tryed the apps on my Samsung smart tv. No difference.

I checked sound settings and everything. Is it really true that I shall re-adjust the sub-level everytime I switch between music and movies? Do you got the same problem?

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3 replies

Hear you see the setup, and night/silent mode is off.
The only way to "automatically" change the amount of bass between the two is to use that "night sound" adjustment in the controller, it looks like a moon at the bottom of the room display. This will increase/decrease the amount of sub when only the TV input on the Beam is being used, and not touch it while you're streaming data.

Much like you, I'm not anxious to be overwhelmed by bass when I'm listening to music, but I do like to feel it when watching TV. I've placed my SUB directly underneath my couch, laying flat. While I am not suggesting that to you, you might consider changing the location of your SUB, it doesn't need to be right beside the TV set, and see if moving it makes a difference.

But at the end of the day, what you're running in to is that different sources have differing levels of bass encoded with them, and you'd likely be having the same issue with any other system you tried. It's not a specific problem with Sonos, but instead the data that you're sending to the system.
Thanks for your fast answer. That was a shame! Then it would be nice with seperated EQ- and sub-level settings for TV and music! That would perfect for me. One setting-profile for TV and another for music.
Sonos, write that down ?