9.3 Controller missing functionality to add new Play:1's and/or rename rooms, et cetera.

Tonight I was trying to add a couple new Play:1's to our system. In trying to do so, the new 9.3 software was forced down on me...now I cannot add the new hardware and/or change our house system setup. ...this is extremely annoying...

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I guess the question is how do I proceed? (I have already uninstalled the Sonos app and tried to reinstall...as well as 'reset controller'...but nothing works.)
Excited to find a pair of Play:1s on Costco's site for a fab price. Now? Relieved & frustrated to have found this post. Ditto ~ attempted to add these two Play:1s to existing {three Play:1s} system. Spent over two hours attempting to add the speakers using several suggested methods however could not find or bring-up the Add option. Seriously. This post explains Update 9.3 removed that option in Settings? Seriously??? Are the developers thumbing their noses at their fan base? Very disappointed with this company. Will no longer rave about my system. To. Anyone. These two Play:1s are useless. Hello Costco's Return Policy.
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You cannot any longer add new sonos devices via pc or mac.
You now MUST use an android or iOS device since v9.3
In a last ditch effort last night, I went to my phone and found the controller update had already been rolled out...and the controler did function properly to let me add the new Play:1's. I was wondering if perhaps that my phone somehow was assigned 'master' privilege or something. Paulw123's comment makes it clear this is simply a device-related phenomenon. Sonos should do 2 things:

1) Document this more clearly!
2) ...if not already implemented...Sonos should actually allow owners to create a 'master' account that manages the who has priviledges to edit and (re)configure the system. This way, undersirable configurations do not get installed by less competent children and/or adults.

One more thing. The Sonos controller should have an option to type the numbers (integers) 0 through 100 for volume control. Getting the volume slider just right at bedtime is extremely annoying using a cell phone....
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You probably have auto updates set on your phone, so the sonos app controller on it will always do a sonos update when one becomes available.
Sonos could send mail to the app...more..inbox, but that might put you off updating and never being able to add anymore sonos devices=sales dead end....
If you have an iphone, the sonophone app has numbers for volume control.
Sonos removed much of the functionality from the PC/Mac contollers including...
-Setting up or transferring a system
-Adding a player to existing system
-The ability to bond/unbond players (surrounds, stereo pairs, or adding a Sub).
-Registering players
-TV setup for Beam, Playbase, and Playbar
-Enabling parental controls
-Network settings and management
-Line-in settings
-Renaming a Room
-Opting in or out of a beta program
-Resetting your Sonos account password (you can still do so on a computer via sonos.com)

see the following post..


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