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Resolved: Problems with Sonos Alarms for 12/31/16 - Updates Inside

As of this morning, there is currently an issue with Sonos alarms unable to be turned off. We're working on getting this resolved, but for now, any alarm scheduled to include Saturday the 31st will st...

Important Information for Audible Listeners

Update: In the fall of last year we discovered that an update was incompatible with the existing Audible integration on Sonos and made the decision to remove the service. We realize it’s frustrating n...

Resolved - Pandora stops playing on Sonos

Has anyone come up with a reason why Pandora stops playing while other services are ok? I’ve been having this issue for a very long time, submitted diagnostics to Sonos support only to be told to unin...

Sonos 8.3 - Navigation and Display Improvements

The newest version of the Sonos app is now available. There are some big changes that I know some of you have been looking forward to since this holiday season. We’ve been hard at work developing and...

Exciting Partnerships in the Queue

We have a lot of exciting plans for the future and we wanted to share some of them with you all. First, check out Patrick Spence's post on the Sonic Internet here: http://blog.sonos.com/en/welcome-son...

Resolved: Problem with Spotify on Sonos 18th November

Earlier today, Sonos players connecting to Spotify to play tracks began receiving the error message “Connection to Spotify is lost.” Our engineering team responded to the problem immediately and we’re...

Spotify Your Music Updates - Albums

Great news everyone, starting today, Spotify on Sonos has been updated to include “Albums” within Your Music, in addition to Playlists and Songs. So long as your system is on Sonos version 6.0 or high...

New community designs now live

By now you’ve probably noticed that everything looks different. Don’t worry, it’s supposed to. We just launched a redesign of the community. The Community has been updated with the new look and feel...

Introducing Sonos Amp

Available starting February 2019, Sonos Amp is the all-new, versatile amplifier to power all your entertainment and bring the sonic content you love to every room of your home. The Amp has been redesi...

If This Then Sonos

Sonos has always been committed to providing more choice for what you listen to at home. Last year, we furthered that commitment with our Works with Sonos program and yesterday we introduced our new o...

Welcome to the New Community and Thank You

Welcome everyone to the new community, and thanks for joining us. We’re excited to be engaged with the whole community, now all in one place. We hope you all enjoy the new space, but we also want to t...

Now Available, the New Sonos App

Sonos version 8.0 is introducing a brand new controller for iOS and Android. The new Sonos app makes it even easier to navigate, access, and control your music throughout your home. This new app comes...

Spotify Connect Outage: 12/6/16- RESOLVED

Hi everyone, We're working with Spotify to resolve an outage affecting direct control of Sonos through the Spotify app. This is causing connection errors when the Spotify app tries to connect to Sono...

Resolved - Spotify Playback Issues and Spotify Connect from Android - December, 2017

Hi everyone, We're investigating an outage affecting music playback for some Spotify users. We will update this thread when the outage is resolved.

Introducing the New Sonos One

Available on October 24th, Sonos One is the smart speaker for music lovers. It’s everything you expect from a Sonos speaker, and now with built-in Alexa and microphones, you can control your entire So...

Audible on Sonos

Starting today, Audible is now available on Sonos! You can now play from Audible on Sonos using the Sonos app or directly to Sonos players using the Audible app. Later this year, you’ll also be able t...

Community Code of Conduct

Welcome everyone to the new community. We have a few guidelines we’d like you all to be familiar with, a code of conduct for posting on the community. Sonos employees are here to answer questions and...

RESOLVED - TuneIn Radio: Unable to browse or play on Sonos - 03/23/17

Hello everyone, There is a temporary service outage affecting TuneIn on Sonos. You may have trouble browsing TuneIn radio or playing stations when attempting to use the service. We’re currently worki...

BBC Radio HLS Now Available in Public Beta

We have an important update to share with you today. In addition to some exciting product and software news announced earlier this week, we are proceeding with the next testing phase of BBC HLS suppor...

Introducing PLAYBASE

Coming April 4th to home theaters - PLAYBASE. Standing at just 2.3 inches high, the PLAYBASE is packed with ten independently amplified, custom designed drivers – six midrange, three tweeters, and one...

Alexa, play Spotify

We’re excited to bring Spotify voice control for Alexa to Sonos with Spotify Premium. Just ask Alexa for your favorite playlist, artist, album or song, then pause, resume, skip and adjust the volume...

Sonos version 7.0 is now entering Public Beta for Android, Mac and Windows PCs

Sonos version 7.0 is now entering Public Beta for Android, Mac and Windows PCs. If you’re using an iOS device, it will still be able to control your system but the device will have limited functional...

Alexa - Now Playing on Sonos

Available with Sonos version 8.0, you can control your entire Sonos system with Amazon Alexa enabled devices. It’s as easy as saying, “Alexa, play music in the kitchen,” and music will play on your So...

MLB.com GameDay Audio & Sonos

I'm able to watch and listen to spring training games that started at 1:00 pm EST today at MLB.com, but when I tried to use the MLB.com Gameday Audio service on my Sonos One (using the PC desktop cont...

Updates to the Desktop Controller Coming Soon

The Sonos desktop controller for Mac and PC is getting a long-requested visual update soon. As a preview you can see the new style below, it's a bit closer to the look and feel of the Sonos app for iO...


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