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Switching wifi networks

can Play:1 switch between wifi networks automatically, or do I have to Ethernet cable each time?

Play 5 Door stop

Play 5 failure

Resolved - Spotify Playlists and Search not working on Sonos - December 6th

Hi everyone, We're working with Spotify to resolve an outage causing issues with browsing playlists and searching within Sonos. We'll continue to update this thread when we have more information to s...

Outage Spotify Playback Issues and Spotify Connect from Android - December, 2017

Hi everyone, We're investigating an outage affecting music playback for some Spotify users. We will update this thread when the outage is resolved.

Sonos One Now Bringing in the News

We’re excited to bring Flash Briefings for Alexa to the Sonos One. You can now ask Alexa for the news and get your briefing for the day from popular broadcasters. You’ll also get local weather and o...

Alexa, play Spotify

We’re excited to bring Spotify voice control for Alexa to Sonos with Spotify Premium. Just ask Alexa for your favorite playlist, artist, album or song, then pause, resume, skip and adjust the volume...

TIDAL Now Playing Straight to Sonos

Starting today, play straight from the TIDAL app to Sonos With Sonos version 8.2 and the latest TIDAL app you can now control your Sonos players directly from TIDAL. Enjoy exclusive music and expe...

Sonos Version 8.2 Now Available

Pandora Straight to Sonos, My Sonos Changes, Snooze and Alarm Notifications With 8.2, we’re bringing the ultimate personalized listening experience to your home with the new Pandora for Sonos. It’s n...

Now Available: Sonos One

On shelves in stores and arriving at your homes if you pre-ordered, the Sonos One is available today. Read more about the all new https://en.community.sonos.com/announcements-228985/introducing-the-ne...

Sonos version 8.1 Brings Support for Sonos One

Sonos version 8.1, the supporting software for the all-new https://en.community.sonos.com/announcements-228985/introducing-the-new-sonos-one-6791304, the smart speaker for music lovers, is now availab...

Exciting Partnerships in the Queue

We have a lot of exciting plans for the future and we wanted to share some of them with you all. First, check out Patrick Spence's post on the Sonic Internet here: http://blog.sonos.com/en/welcome-son...

Now Available, the New Sonos App

Sonos version 8.0 is introducing a brand new controller for iOS and Android. The new Sonos app makes it even easier to navigate, access, and control your music throughout your home. This new app comes...

Introducing the New Sonos One

Available on October 24th, Sonos One is the smart speaker for music lovers. It’s everything you expect from a Sonos speaker, and now with built-in Alexa and microphones, you can control your entire So...

Alexa - Now Playing on Sonos

Available with Sonos version 8.0, you can control your entire Sonos system with Amazon Alexa enabled devices. It’s as easy as saying, “Alexa, play music in the kitchen,” and music will play on your So...

Resolved - MLB Audio not working - September 29th

My MLB Audio is not working. I reset my router and uninstalled/reinstalled my MLB Audio account. Anyone having the same problem? Any suggestions?

Resolved - TuneIn Radio: Unable to browse on Sonos - 07/28/17

When I click Tune In I get 'Unable to Browse Music' displayed - how do I solve this?

Resolved - Login Problems on Community - July 8th 2017

Hey Everyone, Some users have notified us they are having troubles logging in here on the community. We’re currently looking into this and working to get a resolution ASAP. If you’re one of those use...

Sonos Version 7.3 Now Available

Sonos Version 7.3 Available Today We’re excited to bring new features and improvements to Sonos with version 7.3. Here are the main highlights: Help and Tips: There’s a new and improved help and t...

Now Available - Twitter and Facebook Support 24/7

Great news everyone! Starting today the Sonos Support team is now available online all the time. You can get help whenever you need it now. We’ve updated our contact links http://www.sonos.com/en-us/c...

Outage - Deezer on Sonos in UK on VirginMedia - April 26th, 2017 - Resolved

Hi everyone, the title says it all. There's an issue playing Deezer music on Sonos in the UK for people using the VirginMedia Internet Service Provider. It started up a couple days ago, and recently...

Pandora Stream Limit Change with Sonos 7.2 Update

In the recent release of https://en.community.sonos.com/announcements-228985/sonos-version-72-now-available-6768056, users will find that Pandora stream limits have decreased. Before the update, the t...

RESOLVED - TuneIn Radio: Unable to browse or play on Sonos - 03/23/17

Hello everyone, There is a temporary service outage affecting TuneIn on Sonos. You may have trouble browsing TuneIn radio or playing stations when attempting to use the service. We’re currently worki...

Sonos Version 7.2 Now Available

We’re excited to bring out the newest software for Sonos. Version 7.2 is now available for all Sonos controllers! Sonos 7.2 brings support for the latest Sonos product, the PLAYBASE. Check out our t...

Introducing PLAYBASE

Coming April 4th to home theaters - PLAYBASE. Standing at just 2.3 inches high, the PLAYBASE is packed with ten independently amplified, custom designed drivers – six midrange, three tweeters, and one...

Amazon Web Services outage February 28th, 2017

Hi everyone, There's currently a server issue affecting Amazon Web Services. This is causing playback trouble with Amazon Music as well as some other web features on Sonos.com. You may receive errors...


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