Welcome to the New Community and Thank You

  • 5 August 2015
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Welcome everyone to the new community, and thanks for joining us. We’re excited to be engaged with the whole community, now all in one place. We hope you all enjoy the new space, but we also want to take some time to remember where this all started, and what the Sonos online community has become.

We'd like to offer a huge thank you to all of our user moderators and all of active users over the years. Thanks Ratty, Majik, Buzz and Avee for everything you’ve done. You’ve all made an amazing effort toward fostering a helpful society with consistently active discussion. We can’t thank you enough for helping make the communities welcoming and a pleasure to use.

Over the last couple days we’ve seen a bunch of threads posted on the forums all praising your efforts over the years and it just goes to show the effect you’ve had on the community. The spirit of the forums is welcoming and helpful, great qualities we hope to see carried over to the new community here. The moderators are hugely respected by the community and many loyal people on the forums.

When we first launched the forums back in 2005, we wanted a place where customers could come and ask questions to get help from the community and employees alike. We’ve seen that community grow and prosper over the years and we couldn’t be happier. This is in no small part attributed to our moderators for encouraging the community.

The launch of ask.sonos.com opened a more streamlined platform for support and communcation with employees directly, while the forums continued to grow as a user to user platform. Our support team has been engaged with ask.sonos.com and continued to be involved helping with questions both technical and otherwise. We also had several active users who came be to marked as champions who got involved and helped out everyone find answers. A special thanks goes out to Bernhard, Chris, Dave, Jgatie, Josh D, John B, Kmjy, Mark, and MikeV, you’ve all been awesome. Ask.sonos.com had many new features over the old forums, but we were still looking for more.

The new community has many of the features we were looking for along with an updated look and feel. Some of the new features include direct messages between users, a cleaner setup with a friendly format, and a better layout making it easier to reply. There is also a new community structure which includes a section to talk about music, a place for asking questions if you’re not sure where to post them, advanced troubleshooting and discussion areas, and specific boards for product specific questions.

We’ve been through an intensive process pulling the accounts, posts and threads from the forums and Ask; so please mind the dust as we finish the process of sorting through some uncategorized threads. If you have any questions or trouble with your account please feel free to private message any of our team and we’ll assist. We’d also love to get your feedback on the new community, so let us know what you think. There’s will be a feedback board here specific to the new site for you to share your opinion and suggestions.

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18 replies

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Thanks to everyone from the forums, ask and of course to the SONOS staff members for all of the amazing advice 😃.

It's great to finally see this website up and running

(Also to those reading this, the flag will let you report inappropriate posts to staff members 😉 )
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Thanks to Sonos for the best, simplest and amazing soundcouality soundsystem in the world! I like to see the progresse like more and more channels adds to be integration with this nice system! And, "The birde told me at Apple Music service are on the way" and finally this forum are now reality
Nice job, boys. Where is the 'newest posts' link? I'm never going to be able to keep up without it. Thanks.
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Nice job, boys. Where is the 'newest posts' link? I'm never going to be able to keep up without it. Thanks.
Activities/Recently active topics is the closest thing to 'New Posts'
Excellent. Thanks. I'm getting a 500 error when I click the link to the post from the email notification. Also, is there any way to turn on the text of the post when the email is sent like the old forum? That was helpful, also.
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Excellent. Is there any way to turn on the text of the post when the email is sent like the old forum? That was helpful, also.

Settings on the new community website are fairly limited right now. EG. there's only on/off for email notifications rather than on/off for every type of notification.

So there's no option to show the posts' content in the email.
Got the 500 error again from your email notification. However, if I have the browser already open and logged in to the community and click the link in the email, a second tab opens and it works. Here is the 500 message if you need it. Not sure if anyone else is experiencing that or not.

500, Something has gone wrong

Sorry, the page you are looking for might have been removed, is temporarily unavailable, or the name has been changed.

If you came here through our website, please let us know where this error occurred, so we can repair the defect. Contact us by e-mail: community@sonos.com.

If you came here through a link on another website, this reference will have been incorrectly recorded. Unfortunately we cannot change this. Please contact the website which recorded this error directly.

Perhaps the following can be of help:

Check that the spelling in the address bar is correct.
Go to: Homepage.
Click the on 'previous' button in your browser if you want to try another link.
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They said in wish list thread they were checking on.
A little more info on the 500 error... These are the URLs:

Initial click on the link with no browser open, which results in the 500 error.

If the browser is already open and I'm logged in to Sonos, this is the URL that appears.
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Thanks for the details, we'll look into it. Make sure to post new feedback over in the New Community board so we can make sure to get it all in the same place.
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The new site looks refreshing! Good job Sonos!
I have this Sonos Community as an RSS Feed in my Feedly New Feed. I cannot find the new URL this Feed and the old one no longer works. Can you advise of your new RSS URL.

Much appreciated, thank you.

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I have this Sonos Community as an RSS Feed in my Feedly New Feed. I cannot find the new URL this Feed and the old one no longer works. Can you advise of your new RSS URL.

There isn't currently an RSS feed for the community but we're looking to see if it's possible to add one. There's a thread here on it: https://en.community.sonos.com/new-community-feedback-229090/rss-feed-all-posts-6730808

Thanks for the feedback and welcome!
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How do you get to the Sonos forum from the main Sonos website? I usually have to google Sonos Forum to find it
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Under support on the lower right side it says ask the community. I still just type ask.sonos.com
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are all the "me too" and voting functions gone now? i dont see them..
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There is the like under each post but only on desktop browser. Many things are missing on mobile browser.