Upcoming changes to ‘On this iPhone or iPad’ Playback

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this sucks.

...there are many many reasons why turning the device i purchased that could play from my phone to a stream only device is bad idea, the loss of this feature alone will prevent me from buying any other Sonos kit. if they had added airplay to play 1 i’d likely had purchased a Sonos one confident that they do their best to keep old hardware in use. Now i see them removing features from older hardware i have reservations that 1 day my hardware might just stop working when Sonos decide i need to buy a monthly sub or they go bust or whatever.


Really not happy.

Apple removed the feature and it wasn’t just Sonos affected by Apple’s decision. Not sure what mean by removing features from older hardware?  Older hardware is just not going to get new features, and given some of that kit of 15 years old now it’s hardly surprising, it will however continue to work as per now.  Plus Sonos offered a trade in program. 

Yes the loss of play from this I phone is annoying but as JohnB points out you can buy a new unit such as the cheapest Ikea bookshelf unit and that’ll add AirPlay 2 and you can stream to any Sonos unit on your system regardless of age.