Sonos Version 9.1 - Now Available

  • 4 September 2018
  • 36 replies

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36 replies

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you're trolling ..right...or forever the optimist 😉
I’d like to think I’m optimistic 🆒 Maybe one day I can watch my movies again
How long until we get Alexa drop-in support for our Sonos Ones?
RyanS. ...I contacted support over a week ago and sent two lots of diagnostics to them...I was told the matter was being sent ‘upstairs’. for someone to look into my problem as they couldn’t sort it...I still have had no phone call or email!!! The first diagnostic code was 9644117 and the second was 725778222 ...can someone please help ?
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Sorry to hear that, poshcatz. I'll look into it and see what the story is. I'll PM you with more details shortly.
Thankyou Ryan S ...would appreciate that x
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Hi Oriboaz, we've been restricting some status pages from view for privacy reasons, it started earlier, and we've restricted more for the same reasons. I'll let the team know you're missing them.

Let them know that i´m missing them too!!!! cannot use soup commands anymore to detect if my Connect is playing...? so know my speakers will not turn on and off as needed...
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Will do, BjarkeSS. I'm not sure exactly what you're using the commands for, but with our recent IFTTT integration, you might be able to make something similar happen.
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i use the for this:
The IFTTT will not be the solution for me.. but if the access for the web browser port 1400 not going to be accessible again i must look at the API i think. But i would prefer to just keep my setup that's been working for long time!
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okay now i have had the time to do some debugging... And i can see that the page status/topology is not accessible any more.. I use this page to get the information, on how´s the coordinator(and it´s IP address). This is done to make sure the amplifiers works when the Connect is grouped with other Sonos players as coordinator...

Is there an other way to get this information?
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I’m glad that the Spotify app is still supporting android 4.3 so I can use my wall mounted tablet to play music. This Sonos update made my tablet worthless. I don’t like it. ??