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Hi Chris. About eight posts above your own post - this quote from Ryan S, a Sonos staff member: 'No plans currently on changes to the current structure'. So no, Sonos will not not change it - they do not take on board users concerns.
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left off the "but we'll let everyone know if there's anything to share."

That means no plans currently but will let you know if that changes. They do listen to customers.
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There's a difference between listening and taking on board. Time will tell but I'm not holding my breath.
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Your opinion in what appears to be a very limited amount of interaction with this board or Sonos.
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You're quite wrong about my amount of interaction with Sonos and you're also getting more personal than you're entitled to. I'm not interested in arguing with you so I'll wish you well and say goodbye.
It's a bit much to say they don't take on users concerns given that this update fixes most of the issues that users were complaining about with Sonos' spotify implementation.
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The Trolls like to come out whenever Sonos announces something new. His only posts ever are in this thread.
Really pissed off that once again you've got rid of folders! (And starred playlist!) My playlists is also now a mess, please fix this ASAP!!!
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did they take them away before?
Chris wrote:

The Trolls like to come out whenever Sonos announces something new.

It is a price to pay for the benefits of a public forum. They come in all shapes and sizes, and at times, are entertaining to read.
They did for me but I worked out how to get them back. Think it was because I was running the beta so I left and it returned to normal. Presumably this update is now the beta.

Can I go back to the old version please? I don't need the radio functionality as I can do that through "Sponos" already (which I also bought.)
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You are correct - you were beta. left beta. and now it is full release. Now that it is full release you can't go back.

The folder issue is definitely something that has been a reported issue with the new Spotify implementation. There is some type of limitation in the new system Spotify has setup for them to access. Hopefully they are working with Spotify to have Spotify open back up folders as from what it sounds like Spotify doesn't allow the folder view in their new way of accessing.
I hope so, though I read at the time that it was to do with the playlists being read from the Spotify website, which also doesn't have playlists.
Was the removal of the Starred playlist in Spotify intentional? I primarily use that playlist and now it doesn't show up in Sonos at all.
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The release notes that is this thread say starred playlists should show as normal playlists. If your starred list is not showing in with normal playlists then I would assume there is an issue.
Why take away Spotify folders??? Now I have a mess with my playlists!! Bring back folders!!!
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Why was because it was the new Spotify architecture and what Spotify opened up to Sonos.
Bring folders back!!!!
Glafiro wrote:

Bring folders back!!!!

Folders bring back!!!! Back folders bring!!!1! Folders back bring!!

There, that's exhausted every combination of those three words, that should do the trick.
Wonderful update! Sure hope the Apple Music integration will be at least as good. Still, I want to see my albums, and, VERY IMPORTANT!!!, I want to be able to sort playlists and albums by date of adding!
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This is not trolling, but is a reaction to an ill thought out design change which badly affects the usability of a key feature of a Sonos/Spotify paid for subscription. If you have large numbers of playlists then the last thing you want to do is page through them all for ten minutes while you try to find what you want to play.

I know I, and I'm sure many other Spotify users, have spent a a long time categorising our Spotify playlists such that we can quickly and easily find what we want to listen to. This modification at a stroke removes that ability. Sonos, we need to have some means of categorisation and structuring of playlists. At the moment you have thrown away the investment that Spotify users have put into structuring the playlist collections - yes, it's nice to have the Radio functionality, but frankly the other stuff is pretty much a waste of time for me, and I suspect for others.

Please, let's have a response from Sonos as to how they intend to address this problem. It is not sufficient to pretend that this is a satisfactory solution. It isn't.

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I have a question and I am not sure this is relating to the latest update.
I can't seem to find the equalizer on my android app. In fact, room settings is not available.
I haven't accessed room settings for a while so perhaps this is unrelated but in any case, could someone advise please.

Many thanks.

The only available settings I have are:
Add a Player or Sub
Add a Boost or Bridge
Date and Time Settings
Online Updates
About My Sonos System
Reset Controller
Submit Diagnostics
The biggest issue for me is the 'your music' option. This has finally come to Sonos to bring it in line with how the Spotify apps work (great news) but:

if I want to listen to an album from my 'your music', I have to click 'your music' then 'songs' then scroll down a huge list of tracks, tap on a song, select 'more', then 'album info' then add the album to my Sonos playlist.

We really need album and artist options like the Spotify app.
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Agreed - 'your music' is currently half baked in its current form. The comments from Sonos suggest Artists and Albums will come but this has been in beta for months already so I don't understand the hold up at all. Folders missing is down to the fact sonos appears to be using the same/similar integration as the web player where folders are also unavailable.
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Nicka99 - you mention "The comments from Sonos suggest Artists and Albums will come but this has been in beta for months already so I don't understand the hold up at all"

I'm currently running the beta and have just two options available in My Music - Playlists and Songs. Can you clarify whether as part of the beta you have artists and albums options. This would go some way to solving the problem although some means of flexible grouping and categorisation is still needed.

Sonos - it is going to be important for you to be open and honest in your communications here - removing functionality is not a sensible thing to do, and you have already learned (via the BBC HLS fiasco) that more open communication pays dividends. Can you be clear - are we going to get the Artist and Album options within My Music, and what do you propose to do regarding the folders functionality which you have removed?



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