Sonos One Now Bringing in the News

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We’re excited to bring Flash Briefings for Alexa to the Sonos One.

You can now ask Alexa for the news and get your briefing for the day from popular broadcasters. You’ll also get local weather and other news as well.

Alexa, what's my Flash Briefing?

Just make sure your Sonos players are up to date by going to the Sonos app and under Settings > Check for updates.

For full details on what the Flash Briefing is, take a look here.

You can also go into your Amazon Alexa app and adjust the Briefing under Settings > Accounts.

Amazon Alexa is available on the Sonos One in the US, UK, and Germany. We are committed to bringing Alexa voice control to Sonos in new regions in the future too.

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Thanks Ryan - getting closer to full Echo functionality.
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Does the Alexa skill need deleting and reinstalling?
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BoredofBalham wrote:

Does the Alexa skill need deleting and reinstalling?

You shouldn't need to, it's a cloud update that should be available now. If it's not playing, try discovering devices first.
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So, even though the "Discover devices" didn't find anything new, my Flash Briefing now plays after doing that. It was not working before that though.

It would be nice if the track info in the Sonos controller showed the info on what's playing, rather than "No information available"... but at least it plays. :)

Now for other skills that play audio!
MikeV wrote:

Now for other skills that play audio!

Yes. Seems really odd that these didn't work from day one, as they are Alexa skills. Odder still that the Flash Briefing fix didn't fix all of them. Amazon appears to have left lots of things out of their Connected Speaker APIs...


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