Sonos One Gen 2 Now Available

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I literally bought Sonos One (Gen 1) 2 weeks ago. Should I bother exchanging my devices for Gen 2? I hate to bother but I don't want to be "phased out" while I'm just getting on board with my Sonos setup.
I believe you should, if the free return window is available to you. I see no sense in a gen 2 being announced if it really is functionally identical, so I strongly suspect that this identical stuff is true today, but may probably not be so tomorrow.
In the past Sonos has changed its internal components without changing the model designation, so there has to be reason they are departing from this practice.
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Will there be any difference in MSRP between Gen 1 and Gen 2 Sonos One devices? When will they hit retailers? If they have, does the packaging look any different?
Will there be any difference in MSRP between Gen 1 and Gen 2 Sonos One devices? When will they hit retailers? If they have, does the packaging look any different?
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Gotcha, thanks.
I realise a collective groan will descend across the forum, but I was wondering if a Sonos rep could plesse confirm if the release of the Gen2 model has addressed one of the bugbears of Gen1 devices, namely the "65,000" indexing limit, which made me hold off purchasing more Sonos units and seemed to be a recurring issue for many...

Whilst the advent of streaming services has somewhat weakened the argument in recent Years, for those purchasers living in a rural area whose internet connection is flaky at best & where streaming services are inappropriate, it would be good to know Sonos has listened to concerns raised and developed a Worldwide model that finally addresses the indexing limit in the hardware of the Gen2 model so at least those users affected can enjoy their own networked music beyond the "65,000 limit".
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Hi Andyd1302, you're correct in that limit is a result of the maximum amount of memory allocated on Sonos players for the music index. While newer players have more memory than the older ones, we still keep updating all of the older ones too in the software department. Since the music index is stored on all Sonos players in the household, the limit has to be in place based on the lowest memory among players.

We know that a dedicated portion of the community is interested in seeing something worked around to increase this limit, but I don't have any news I can share about future plans. We'll be sure to post on the community if there's any movement around this topic.
Hi Ryan,

Thank you for your reply & I know you can't share news about future features for Gen2, but the new hardware & increased memory is encouraging news for those who were disappointed by the Gen1's limitation in this regard, and if a more generous upper limit was integrated in Gen2 I'd have no issue upgrading all my units to the new version, as shared networked libraries are still popular with music enthusiasts in families, particularly those with flaky internet connections.

As I'm sure you can appreciate, it doesn't take many tracks in a 5-person family with different tastes to reach the "65,000 limit" from a shared NAS drive & whilst users with large stored libraries may be in a minority, it still remains a dealbreaker for many...
There are those of us who are of the opinion that it would take a radical rewrite of the core of the Sonos system in order to separate out the library update function to work differently on different devices. Not impossible, of course, but a lot of work, that I'm not sure they're anxious to do. Or, it will be in the next update we get, who knows. And at the same time, you might have to effectively write different kernels for different devices, as the base code may no longer fit on the older devices with lesser memory. Which would increase the difficulty of doing updates.

I like the concept a lot, I think Sonos is somewhat hamstrung by decisions that were made long before the current regime, based on data that was valid then, but is no longer valid now.
For people curious about the Sonos One Gen 1 and Gen 2 and the PLAY:1, there's an excellent thread started by AjTrek1 with a comparison of the features of each here:
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Something to keep in mind when asking for updates to some of the restrictions Sonos imposes is that they have a huge number of devices out there and in use that don't have the memory to support very much in the way of upgrades and each tweak must be carefully weighed against the remaining free space or the need to drop features (like the CR-100 support) to make room for them.

The number of folks needing more than 65K tracks is probably pretty small particularly in comparison to folks with ZPs and the like that are the most limited devices. The folks facing the 65K limit have other options to work around it, the ZP folks would need new devices or Sonos would have to develop, test and maintain two different sets of software. We see the same issues with asking for an SMB update.