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Sonos 11.1 Brings Sonos Radio

Sonos 11.1 Brings Sonos Radio

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Again, I’m not seeking a technical discussion on who does what.

I just want to know if I will be able to get BBC Radio on SONOS Radio after 21 March, or not.

A simple Yes or No from SONOS will be great, thanks all.

I am heading to Nigeria for work, on 15th March.  If it’s a Yes, I will take my trusty SONOS Play 1 (note: no Airplay) with me in my suitcase.  If it’s a NO, I will leave it at home (England).

That is my simple quest for today, thank you.

Wilderbeast, maybe a bit more investigation on your part and you would find out a bit more information.

Try looking here



And the SONOS community mafia attach continues.

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Hey @Wilderbeast,


The thread Iansandraward linked is definitely the best place to learn more about the changes the BBC are making to their streams. That’s the place I will be updating with any updates as and when we know more about what will happen after 22nd March. If you’re looking for a simple yes or no, that’s not something I can give with 100% certainty, since we’re still not entirely sure of how these changes are going to affect streaming BBC live content on Sonos after that date. The workaround right now is to use the Radioplayer service since that service appears to not have the automated reminder on the hour. 

The community members here are trying to help, not attack you. If you have further concerns you’re more than welcome to send me a direct message, but I would recommend subscribing to the thread above for any future updates.

James L,

Thank you.

You have confirmed that SONOS can not give a solid Yes, and therefore I will leave my SONOS speaker at home when I travel abroad in a few days time.  I will buy a bluetooth speaker - may be a Move - we’ll see what I can get in the airports during the trip (insufficient time, now, to order anything online).

Re. the attack thing - sorry, I do very much feel attacked by other community members.  I’ll sign up for the Oprah Winfrey Show.

It is nice service when it is available, but days “Sonos Radio not found”, I get ONLY ads, which is odd for a service that claims to be ad free...