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Sonos 11.1 Brings Sonos Radio

Sonos 11.1 Brings Sonos Radio

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Stations are not a radio station.

I guess we’ll have to disagree on this.  It seems to me that the SONOS radio stations are closer to a playlist than an over the air broadcast. 

My brief use of Sonos Radio suggests you’re both correct…

That is, there are some genuine “live playing” radio stations (I was just listening to BBC Radio 6 Music, and it was their live broadcast) and some pre-recorded “on demand” programmes.

For the latter, such as Sonos own curated-by type shows, it would be nice to see an indication of how far into/ how long the programme is, and see track information as it plays.

I started listening to one, but had to pause it to take care of something. When I came back to it, I couldn’t pick up where I left off, and with no ability to skip what I had already listened to.. well.. I’ll never hear the end of that show.

Hi, I really like Sonos Stations. I seem to have an issue with the app. On my iPhone (app version 11.1) I can only see 12 stations in 3 groups of four. On my iMac I can see all 31 stations. Is this how it’s supposed to be?


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I’m unable to add any local stations to My Sonos. How come?

There’s no search within the Sonos Radio browse tab, but if you click onto the search tab and start looking for radio stations, Sonos Radio results will show up in there.

Ryan. Search does not return any Sonos Radio products for me (Sonos App on Android, all up to latest releases). I'm struggling to use Sonos Radio - BBC stations are excruciatingly awkward to find, and there doesnt seem to be a way to save them in a "MyStations" list in the player once I've been through the pain - I need to go through the pain every time I change station. Why?

Will there ever be an option to get rid of the advertisements in between songs?

Lack of advertisement (and annoying radio hosts) is single most important reason why i have switched from traditional radio channels to paid online music streaming. I generally like the idea of Sonos curated radio stations. But please give us the option to somehow opt-out of the ad interruption. 🙏 Maybe finance the channels in a different way or offer an affordable subscription.

Please strike Radio Hour and other artist interviews from Sonos raison channel “Sound System.”   When I tune to this channel, I want to hear music — not talk, etc.  If Sonos finds that artist interviews appeal to listeners, perhaps you could separate Sound System into a “Sonos Artists Showcase” and an exclusively-music channel?  ...and please don’t bring in a Thom Yorke session, when you already have a completely-Thom Yorke channel.  If we want to hear Thom or other content that Sonos offers on exclusive channels, we can tune to those channels.

im already playing Sonos Radio more often than Spotify.  Provide enough varied content, and add download capability for offline listening and many of us may opt to pay for a Sonos subscription service. 

When are Sonos Stations and Sonos Presents being available in Poland?

Sonos - you had a great thing with Sonos Radio until you put advertisements. Now it sucks. It’s great listening to Classical and be interrupted by a crappy jingle for Crest toothpaste. Damn. 

I immediately went looking for the David Byrne show, “Here Comes Everybody.” But I cannot find it in the archive, or search, it isn’t in with the “Sonos Presents” artists like Thom Yorke or the Third Man channel. I can’t even find when the new episodes air if it is live only.


How the heck do I find this show, it sounds amazing!!??!!??


Many thanks for anyone with answers.

Can I use Sonos Radio in egypt ??

Really enjoying the Encyclopedia of Brittany station… pretty eclectic. 

How about you reply to my messages about my play base and play1 speakers not working we paid alot of money for the speakers we deserve some customer service

OK - enough with the in-app pop ups and constant Sonos Radio advertising.  Create a setting inside of Notifications.  I don’t agree to being constantly marketed for an add-on service.  I’ve already paid lots of money to Sonos and I paid for spam-free app usage.  

While I agree with your sentiment, and find the pop ups for ‘help’ a bit much, have you turned off the marketing messages on your account? If memory serves, you log in to your account on the Sonos website, not these forums, and go to your profile. You can then choose whether to get marketing emails from Sonos, or get them in the controller under the ‘Contact Options’. That might help. 


...Sonos Radio, the premier radio experience on Sonos.  This is a free, ad-supported streaming radio service available to Sonos customers, offering access to an extensive assortment of music, news, live sports and more. 


Love the music curations on Sonos Radio, but the ads are tough. Any chance of a subscription option coming to remove the ads?


Love the music curations on Sonos Radio, but the ads are tough. Any chance of a subscription option coming to remove the ads?


See here for Sonos radio HD: https://www.sonos.com/en-us/sonos-radio